Similar sounding of Lyra cartridge ?

Is there any brand that have similar sounding of Lyra cartridge ? Price of course lower than Lyra, please share your thoughts if you have amy. Thanks.
Bad information from Zd.

Shelters have little in common sonically with Lyra.

I suggest he listen before posting.
You dont list your turntable/arm in your system. In my experience your have to mate your cartridge to the arm. Cartridge/arm interface makes a very big difference.
Lyra house sound isn't similar to neither Shelter or DV.
It may have some signatures of Koetsu, but with more
definition and details.
Overall similar sounding Lyra cartridge will be a cheaper Lyra
Dynavector, Shelter and Koetsu sound nothing like Lyra.

Of the cartridges I own, the Denon DL-S1 sounds somewhat similar.

Agree with Marak, the Lyra delos would be a great cart to buy to understand the Lyra Sound.
Lyra is like a Shure V15 with much more detail!

Lack of rich tone, thread bare.
"07-20-13: Wc65mustang
Bad information from Zd.

Shelters have little in common sonically with Lyra.

I suggest he listen before posting."

I as going under the assumption the OP is looking for similar performance, not exact. Maybe you just didn't have it set up right. Most people who compare the 2 brands usually pick the Shelter, myself included. Of course, this is all subjective and not everyone will have the same equipment or taste. That's just the way it goes.
Hi if this is for your system that's posted...the Lyra's are a great match...I'd really stretch and buy one of the current models...the Delos is about 1650 or so new...I know money doesn't grow on trees....

What table and phono stage?
It's very hard to make that call not knowing which Lyra cartridge you are describing. The Lyra Clavis da Capo was a bright and a bit thin sounding cartridge, nothing like the cartridges described above. Other Lyra carts of that general vintage are similarly voiced. The more modern Lyra carts have a bit warmer tonal balance but still have that characteristic bright / thin sound that brings out (exaggerates?) so much musical detail.

I can't think of ANY Lyra cart that sounded like ANY Koetsu cart I've heard. Likewise, I would never compare the sound of a Lyra cart to a Shure cart. No tonal similarity whatsoever.

Generally speaking, Denon and Audio Technica carts are warmer and a bit less refined than the Lyras.

Can't comment on the latest offerings from other manufacturers since I do not have broad experience with them.

If I were looking for a nice performing cart for a good price, I'd consider an Audio-Technica 33PTG/II (not available in the states, but less than $500 from eBay out of Japan or HK), or an AT-OC9/II or III (II being my personal preference). Particularly, the OC9 is a bit tilted up but warmer than the Lyras (I have owned and used both Lyra and OC9s in my system).

Another option would be to get a Denon DL-103 (or 103R) cart that has been retipped and upgraded by SoundSmith. Those are supposed to be quite good performers with a slightly tilted-up tonal balance (compared to stock Denon 103s). The modified units are more expensive than the AT carts mention above. I have not owned nor heard the SoundSmith modifications, but get this information from those whose opinions I trust.

OK, now I'm heading off to put on my flame-proof Kevlar underwear and armor.

Maybe you just don't know.

That would have been a more honest response based on the OP question.
don c55...sorry you feel that way, I've owned 5 lyras in my life and never felt that way about the lydian b, helicon, skala (all on a SME 20/SME IV.Vi) and then another skala and currently a Atlas on a Grand Prix Monaco/Triplanar...

Usually when comments like this come up...arm matching/phono stage issue or poor set up...
Yup, don is as far off as zd542. Perhaps more.

Most of these posters don't have a clue.

Caveat emptor.
Here is link to an Audio Aylum post comparing the Delos with various other cartridges (including some mentioned in this thread):

hth, jonathan carr