CD player similar to Playstation 1?

I am on my second PS 1. It can produce deep, relaxing sound, but reliability is dicey. The Rega Apollo-R has more clarity in my system, but on edgier sounding CDs, I prefer the PS. Ay suggestions on a player that has some of the same qualities as the PS? (I listen through Devore Silverbacks and Line Magnetic A218 IA, both wonderful.). Thanks.
Try a Rotel RCD-1072. One of the best sounding CD players I've ever had in my system. Smooth, open, warm and very easy to listen to.
i use lenovo Q190 for all my media needs. it has an excellent music and video playback capabilities with nearly noiseless processor heard only at close-up, fanless power supply and fanless powerful video card. A true giant killer that you can catch the sale price + undisputed reliability.
Try a non-over sampling CD player or DAC. Personality, I would recommend the MHDT Havana.
I have a Playstation 1 as a CD player as well and agree it is definitely a relaxing sounding CDP. From my experience with budget CDPs I would say a CD player that would come close to the sound of the PS1 would be a Marantz CD5003. To me this player had a nice laid back sound like the PS1 in my system. If that doesn't work for you I would get a NOS DAC like Audiojan suggested.
Sony dvp ns900 cd/sacd player is what you want. Very relaxed and mild.