Is there anybody with experiences regarding the
Siltech SQ-80B?
How would you rate this IC against NORDOST SPM or KIMBER SELECT 1030/1130?
i would like to know also did anybody tried siltech g5 cables?
I have used Siltech ST38B-G3 that the former importer converted to balanced operation. I upgraded to the SQ80-G3 which has a lower noise floor and a more liquid midrange (I currently have 1 RCA and 1 Balanced of these cables.) I also have one Nordost Quattrofil, which is supposedly much better than the SPM. The Nordost is very clean sounding, but in my system (Electro EMC1 to Plinius M16 pre to Plinius SA250 Mk-IV) the Nordost doesn't give me the soundstage depth or liquidity of the Siltech. The SQ80 does have a warmer balance thru the midbass and midrange, while the Nordost's advantage is a taut bass that's well defined. I much prefer the Siltech and will probably sell the Nordost shortly. Another excellent cable that may be more forgiving than the Siltech is David Blair's Creative Cable Concepts RMC 12.0. He is also the maker of the much talked about Top Gun power cords. I have no experience with the Kimber line at all. What is your system?
I couldn't complain at all. A very nice cable without any glare on the top end. Bass was deep and possessed definition and tone. Midband was quite nice. I ran this cable on the Sony SCD-1 going into a Blue Circle 3.1 preamp. I also ran it on my Electrocompaniet EMC-1 for eight months. Again, a very nice sounding cable.

I ended up selling her to go entirely with Audio Note~Japan's An-Vz, another s.e. pure silver cable. I have three of these and wanted to keep the system voiced with a single cable. I'm still in need of one more An-Vz, but before I buy the fourth pair, I'm going to give the Stealth PGS pure gold cables a whirl and sell the loser.

Who knows? I may go back to the Dutch cable, but I don't think so. Once you've tried the An-Vz, other silver cables don't seem as interesting.

Other gear: Dodson 217 mkII 'D' DAC, Cary SLAM 100 w/GEC and Tung-Sol power tubes, Dyanaudio Contour 3.0s, PP300 and Kuzma Stabi TT.

Good luck, Chris
I tried some Siltech SQ80B G3, against my reference Quattro Fil. I prefer the Quattro Fil. To me the Siltech is just a little to laid back, though I have a system that does not have a problem with being bright. Nordost have a snap and quickness that is hard to go without, they aren't perfect, but for me it's the best of comprimises.