Siltech G5 against the rest of the world.

I finally received the Siltech Compass lake G5 interconnects. They have an official price tag of $7500 per meter pair.I would recommend that we save ourselves from a discussion if this price will ever be justified for any cable. We all know that this is a stratospheric price level and hardly anybody will be able to afford such a cable.
But I have to admit that even the well known Valhalla stands beaten in its corner by this cable.
This cable has done great damage to me: It has shown what potential lies hidden in my system, and during the two days I was auditioning this cable, I have learned , that my system is capable of conveying an awesome rich, detailed, sound, which was hidden before I put these cables in.
It will be very tough to even go back to the Valhalla.
How can I can I keep on listening from now on with satisfaction, if I know that I am being kept from hearing the fine nuances which really justify the mane "high end" by using a lesser cable?
I think that my only chance lies in taking up a second mortgage and buy this cable eventually. I have to look at it from the only perspective possible: This is a lifetime investment, since I will never have to bother again about interconnects for the rest of my audiophile life.

Or does someone see another solution, which has somehow slipped by my attention, since I admit, I have become biased in my opinions recently?
Wouldn't worry about bias... after all it's your ears, your experience that you're sharing (and that's what makes your posts interesting)!

As to other suggestions: maybe try some different geometry, cheap but reportedly, well performing cables like OTA. How do these fare vs. the giga$ offerings? Also it'll keep your musical mind off the G5 :^)!

The worst thing about not being able to afford those exotic cables that make your system sing is that in less than 3 months from the time you take out that second mortgage to purchase them, you are guaranteed to come across a different cable for a fraction of the price that sounds even better. Best of all, they're probably available right now, but you just haven't tried them yet. Sleep well! :)
Now we are getting into another level of expenditures considering the Siltechs are twice the price of the Valhallas... IMHO, when one starts talking about pulling the trigger on a pair of $7500 cables then its time to think about other options. A $500 cable will on average (not every time and it depends on synergy so no big discussion here) out perform a $100 cable. Now can we get the same or better upgrade in system performance for the $400 cost differential if we look at replacing another component - maybe spend that same $400 on another preamp or upgrade the speakers and maybe there will be a perceived or actual increase in quality of reproduction depending on the listener's personal desires. Now take that $500 cable and compare it to the $7500 Siltech. No doubt as you have already experienced there will be a significant up swing in quality. The question is - what if you spent that $7000 differential in upgrading one or more of your components??? Which path would provide your best return on investment??? Early morning ranting from a someone who needs his second cup of coffee...
I have tried the Siltechs and MY ears tell me the following cables are better. FIM Gold and a cable by a guy in Canada Murray James (Murray James Cables). The Murray James are very in expensive ($200.00/meter). Before you laugh you should be know that Murray is a friend of Ed Mietners, and it was with Murrays cables that Ed auditioned his SACD dac to Sony when he was vying for the contract to design their SACD system against DCS (the Elgar people). Well we all know that Ed won. I have some of the MJC's in my system and will be using his cable through out my system. I, however, use FIM Gold pc's exclusively and the FIM Gold Digital interconnect is just the finest digital link I have ever heard BAR NONE>


How about listing a contact phone number or web address for Murray James Cables. You've got me interested and I'm sure that others would appreciate that info too!
Tekunda. I can appreciate what you're saying and feeling about these cables. A friend of mine brought over 2 siltect IC's Gen 3, a year ago and put them first, on the cd. This was astonishing....then the other went between amp and pre....suddenly the correctness of timbre, musical flow, dynamic contrast and bass reach was on a level I've never heard.....i was destroyed for two weeks. However, my friend suggested the ixos ixotica on the cd as he had found it close to the siltech. And it was close enough. My cables upgrades since, satori and az matrix have brought me very close to what the system was doing that day, perhaps I've even surpassed it. But the gen 5 should be even better. I wish I could afford them as the effect of the gen3's was awesome. Mike, Murray James sounds very there a website? regards, Bluenose
I tried the Murray James cables (ics) in my system and while a good value were bested by a number of cables some of which were admittedly more expensive. Its all about synergy and not necessarily the costs involved...
Plato, I am not an arrogant person by nature and always am willing to learn and change setideas, if I am taught something else.
That is why I have not mortgaged my house just yet and still have the hope that I will find the exact cable with the very attributes you mention.
So pleeeease: Which cable are you talking about?
Tell us all the name and do not keep this knowledge for yourself.
Wouldn't it be wonderful for all of us audiophiles, if these cables would have the potential to beat the Siltech Imagine a cable almost or as good as the Siltech G5 and so much cheaper. That would be a tremendous gain for all of us audiophiles, who are not ready to spend outrageous amounts on cables, wouldn't it?
Mikeam, is it Siltech G5 or G3 you were comapring the FIM cables to?
The G3 are excellent, but the G5 is another dimension not even touched by the G3, if you ask me. I have a hard time trying to imagine, that FIM Gold will be better than any of the G5 cables. I liked the FIM Gold series, but it did not "kick" with me, especially since the biwire speaker cables are $4500 for 8 ft.

My cables were made by Full Spectrum Audio and Gary Markowitz and I believe that both of these cable makers are no longer in the business of making cables -- so what I am using is probably a moot point no matter how good they may or may not be.

Looking at the different experiences of both Mike and Rgd with the James Murray cables I think you can begin to realize that whatever cable is the "best" for a particular person in a particular system may not be best for you.

There is an apparent synergy that goes on with cables when they are paired with certain components. I am with the gentlemen who suggested that $7500 (or more) might be better spent on upgrading to a better amp or preamp, because I think you'll find that when you finally replace the component(s) that match the Siltech's characteristics so perfectly, is that the Siltech may no longer be "perfect". It's sort of a catch-22, but I hope you can see my point.
Info on Murray James cable: He does not to my knowledge have a web site, but the email address is as follows:

Also the version I compared was gen 1 of the James cables, they are now at Gen 4 and rumored to be far better than the Gen 1's, that is hard to believe, but...

Also to answer the other question the FIM was compared to Gen 3 Siltech.

Tekunda: Have you heard the FIM. I ask because you say "I have a hard time trying to imagine, that FIM Gold will be better than any of the G5 cables." then you go on to say "I liked the FIM Gold series, but it did not "kick" with me, especially since the biwire speaker cables are $4500 for 8 ft. I can not discern from these 2 sentences if you have actully listened to the FIM GOlD.

One other cable you should seriously look into is a newcomer that is making waves in a small underground circle of nutty audiophile called Virtual Dynamics. Check it out at

Like Plato stated, it is all about he individual and his/her system and synergy. I have just found the FIM stuff to consistently outperform most everything out there.

Best regards to all,

Oh, I will be trying the Virtual Dynamics, speaker and interconnect. I will place a post with my findings afterward.

Tekunda, fight the urge! What would you do when Gen 6 gets released by Siltech??? How do you think those Gen 3 owners who bought their cable for life feel now??? Seriously, though, I think Plato's and rgd's points are well-taken. I don't believe, objectively, that the differences between top quality cables like the Valhalla and the Siltech and the top Purist and NBS cables are going to be justify their cost differential more than getting better components that complement better the sound characteristics of the top-quality cable you have. And I guess it does kill me to think of spending money for one set of interconnects that could buy a good used pair of Lamm or Jadis amps instead.
The Virtual Dynamis arrived at my home today. I got their second top line, but there seemed to be an issue with RCAs when I hooked them up. So Rick will replace the interconnects for free with his top line interconnects.
Of course I will only profit from this deal, if I decide to keep the cables.
But I am very excited about the VD power cables. The seem to be an excellent value for the price Rick is asking in the moment.
But since you also will receive VD cables, its getting very interesting to see what kind of conclusions you will arrive at.
I want to state also that I seem to have discovered a very excellent cable with an incredible potential, one of the cheapest I have tried, but it is too early to post my findings just yet.
I am getting Suharo cables also, these will be the last cables I will listen to during this "leg" of my cable quest I then will post my personal conclusions and take a break, in order to continue with a second "leg" of my quest later on.
I might then try Silversmith, Purist Audio, Tara Labs and Synergistic Research.
I am presently auditioning a pair of Siltech G5 interconnects and speaker cables. These cables due outperform the Nordost and Fim. I presently own the FIM stuff which is excellent. But these cables are so life like it is incredible.They are matched with all Lamm electronics in my system.
Reminds me of what they used to say about cocaine. 'Siltech G5s are God's way of telling you that you have too much disposable income.'
Tgraffair, what is the name of the Siltech G5 speaker cables, you are auditioning?
And what was your impression when you comparing the FIM stuff against the Nordost Valhalla? Would you prefer the Valhalla or the FIM Gold?
This is all very interesting. I like to be open, as I stated the Wire I used was Gen 3, but I most likely would not go for the G5 even if I found it to be better. My reasoning is related to marketing. I (being an electrical engineer) am not comfortable with the notion that every 1 or 2 years a breakthrough is made which requires you to junk your previous world beater cable for the latest greatest. Not to pick on any manufacturers, but it reminds me of 1 high end tube manufac, who comes out with a REF product, then a REF 2, then a REF 2.2... A pattern starts to appear. I someitmes think the changes are previously developed and timed for release (revenue related of course). Just my musings...


Tekunda: I look forward to hearing your impressions on the Virtual Dynamics cable. (Just can't bring myself to refer to them as the "VD" cables) :)

Tekunda,I have the Compass Lake there top of the line. The problem that I have with Siltech is that if I had invested thousands of dollars in the G3 and then heard the G5, I would be very disappointed about the investment in cables which I could not get back and also the added money to buy the new model. This is serious money, but with the G5 the hunt is over. The Vahalla's are much faster, the Fim's are slightly noisy, but the Siltech is the smoothest 3 D imaging I have ever heard.
Has anyone compared these cables to NBS Statement?
yes,now if you really looking for the best,you must also try theses cable(no price limit)againts tara the zero,nbs statement or monitor 0,kharma enigma(will be ready in few weeks),synergistic ,mit oracle v1,transparant opus......
Tekunda - Any idea how soon you will be able to reveal what this less expensive cable is?
Interesting timing on this post. I borrowed all siltech IC's and 2 runs of speaker cables to see if they were better than the audio tekne cables. After about 10 hours of listening we noticed a slight bit more resolution with a leaner bass. Hardly a change in sound. At 10% of the cost I am very pleased with the audio tekne cables.
G5 or G3? It would be very interesting of course if you are refering to the G5 line of cable, since that would really speak for the Audio Tekne.
From my research I learned that the G3 was not regarded as something special, even by Siltech.
Ah, now I heard the opposite. Before the G5, Siltech raved over the G3. Once again marketing comes into play. I have no problem with business or marketing, I just don't allow or like companies to make a fool of me.

Tkunda, It was the G5 cables I compared to the audio tekne. The differences were so subtle it is hard to justify there price. On the other hand another friend traded his audio teknecables for the Valhalla's. I guess the bottom line is to trust your own ears and tastes
There is no other car that is LIKE a ROLLS ROYCE. You can convince yourself the same build quality and riding comfort can be had for much less, but this is denial. We all want to enter the high-end audio arena, however some of us must sit up in the cheaper seats while others sit at the sideline. Your interconnects and speaker cables are just as critical as every other component in your audio chain. You should invest as much in your interconnects as you would in any other component. It is a component. Why bother with Stereophile Class A listed components if the interconnects and speaker cable are not themselves capable of revealing every audio nuance you pay to hear. You cannot cheap out on interconnects, speaker cable, AC cable, power conditioning, etc. Otherwise you are wasting your time and money. With that being said, as long as you are enjoying the music EMOTIONALLY, you are doing fine. Also, stop watching your expensive, huge, flat screen TV with a $5.00 HDMI cable. Upgrade your HDMI cable and see what your flat screen really has to offer you.
I actually quite happy with my Rolls Canardly. Rolls down the hill, can hardly make it up the hill.
When comparing expensive cables, it really doesn't make sense to say this or that brand is superior to another--it really is a matter of matching gear to the cable and a matter of personal taste. It appears that the original poster found a good match with the Siltech. In another system, the Nordost might better the Siltech.

There are a few brands that have cables that seem to match a broader range of gear, Siltech and its sister brand (Crystal Cable) being examples of such, while others are more specialized. Nordost cables are on the very fast and detailed, and leaner side compared to other brands in almost every system I've heard them in so they are more limited in the applications where they would work. A brand like NBS has different lines of cables with distinctly different sounds, although their crazy expensive Black Label cable is as close to a univerally good cable as I have ever heard.

In my system, I like the silver Audionote cables (I have a 4-meter run of Sogon between my linestage and amp); this is a cable that delivers clarity and detail without being unduly bright or lean sounding.

Tekunda - the KLE Innovations gZero line has been besting many of the top IC's out there.

The KLEI gZero20 provides some excellent detailing and clarity.

The speaker cables also perform to an extremely high level of fidelity, despite their "skinny" appearance.

If you search this forum for gZero you will find some reviews I have posted on many of the gZero line.

Their Harmony line of RCA's are also used by many cable fabricators. I also use the Absolute Harmony RCA on my TT which had a profound Improvement in the transmission of fine details.

Their cables and plugs look very plain, but their performance is amazing

Also take a look at their web site for some outstanding reviews from several other people

Just Google KLE Innovations :-)