Has anyone tried Siltech cables?

Any comments on Siltech interconnects or speaker cables would be greatly appreciated, thanks !!!
I hope to try the 3FTM G-3 interconnect.
Siltech is unlike any other silver cable you will try. First nearly the entire line is silver w/gold. You have all of the benefits of the finest silver cable. Very high resolution, great extension on both ends a midrange that is unrivaled. Also there is a warmth and beauty to the sound of the whole Siltech line. There are none of the drawbacks you find with most othe silver cables, sharpness, thinning out on the top and overall aggressiveness. Also, there is a body to the music like no other silver cables. All of these cables exhibit great balance, alignment and coherence. FTM line is slightly more transparent and dynamic than the SQ. Both are excellent. Mike Affinito Celestial Sound (An Audiogon Dealer) http://www.celestialsound.net/
MIKE AFFINITO: What conditions could I try a one meter RCA pair of these from you? Carl
Carl E-mail me at [email protected] We would send you a pair on audition no problem