siltech 550i

How good is this interconnect if someone can help me please.
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No direct experience with said cable. But below is a link you might want to peruse. Compared were 330L, 550L and 770L speaker cables, plus few more other Siltech. Hope it helps.
I'm Auditioning a a pair as we speak. They are not run-in but sound fantastic straight out of the box.
The are very good cables. transparent, open and never harsh.
They might sound a little light in the bass in some systems.
They are sounding better after one week. The most natural organic cable I have ever heard.
Which ones are you auditioning. I have a pair of 550L biwire . It sounded great from new, but now sound astounding after a couple of months use.
I have the 550i interconnect
I just listened to Jimi Hendrix electric Ladyland (I've heard this album 1000 times) and kept having to pause because I thought someone was at the door, when in fact it was sounds within the mix!
I am ordering the 330l bi wire speaker cable now
Can not believe what an amazing and comparatively affordable cable this is.
I think you may consider going with the non bi wire 330 with jumpers.
The bi wire cable are thinner than the non bi wire.
It's too late unfortunately I am picking it up tomorrow. It was made to order for me direct from factory.
Do you have the 550L? Did you audition both the 330L and 500L?if so what were the differences?
I had the 330 for a month and than upgrade to the 550 and use it for a few month and ended up with the Prince (signature line).....
They all have the same house sound of siltech, but going up the line you get more of the same - which is what you want: more dynamics, contrast. naturality and body.
The 330 was too lean in my system, though it is a very good cable and will sound very good in other systems.
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What brands have you compared the 330 and 550 against?
I had or listen to: JPS, Transparent, Synergstic, AudioQuest, Harmonic Tech., and Acoustic Zen.

In my system the Siltech was better than the others (though the 550 and 330 do not have the dynamic and bass of the JPS superconductor+, but are more natural, open and transparent).
The Siltech Prince is way better than all the others.
I had Nordost Valhalla (should be called Marketing) and top of the range Chord. I am saving up for the Prince now. I am a complete Siltech convert. They seem to work magnificently with tubes
any tried them on solid state? I have a Modwright KWA150.
I have Accuphase. and I think SS "need" this kind of cbles more than many tubes amps.
Have been using them in many iterations since early '80s. During my earlier years I used them mostly with tubes. Later on in the '90s, some combinations of tube pre's + SS amps, and currently SS.

Ime, they work equally superb with both, or any configurations I throw at them. A very consistent and versatile line of cable worth investing, imo.
Anyone compared them to Crystal Cable?
I have Crystal Cable Standard Interconnect and Power Cord; also curious about about how they compare to their Siltech "cousins". Someone told me once that compared Crystal Dreamline to Siltech's top and he had the impression they sound quite similar.


in this level of cabling i prefer the van den hul silver hybrid.both siltech and vdh are from holland ,but the vdh sounds better to me.