Help with Siltech G5 series ICs

Seems dealers are discounting the G5 line fairly deeply.

I'd really appreciate the opinions of any G5 series owners on the merits of these ics.

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts.
I am fans of Siltech for years
I had been using G5 inter-connect for Pre-Amp to Power Amp.
Late 2006 I up-graded to Siltech's G6 Emperor SATT Version
Percentage of merit-increase I could not calculate but
since that time I keep on telling all my audiophile friends
tha Siltech G6 satt version ( not assessing how better is
the new Emperor Crown series ) is a kind of Ultimate
choose for upgrading. One can really settle for long time
before he can find upgrading possibilities.
G5 is forgetable if you have met the G6.
More than words can describe, It beat XLO Limited Edition
and Venture Ultimate reference ( Both I had owned and still
keeping ) by far and "so very far ".
I have been fan of Siltech for many years. Used to own the entire G5 Compass Lake suite. These cables were very fast and revealing, a benchmark at the time. However, I found the Pure Note Titanium to excel over the G5 for far less money. The build quality of the Titanium is second to none. All metal jackets and Xhadow plugs, the best available. Whatever you decide both cables are great choices.
Thanks for your responses!