Signal Cable

I need your opinion about Signal cable (analog interconect and speaker cables).
If you're using silver resolution, do you like your silver resolution? how so?

lots of info in the forums regarding these cables.

How would you describe the sound you have now ?

What are you hoping to achieve if you were to get these cables ?
I've switched all my cables to Signal Cable. Call Frank. You can trust his recommendations. I'm using Silver Resolution Interconnnects with Ultra Speaker Cables. I also use all Signal Cable power cords in my system. You really can't go wrong. Frank does give you 30 days for a trial. I'll never purchase expensive cables again. Frank's cables sound very natural and relaxed. And of course they sound the best in an all Signal Cable system. Check out my system for more info.
I echo what Srg has said. All my cables are Signal Cables, including the new HDMI ver 1.4 that I acquired last week. I feel that are a wonderful bargain and can easily beat some expensive ICs/speaker cabled that I tried in my system before.
I've bought all kinds of stuff from Signal. Power, digital, speaker, IC's. I like it all. I have a slight preference for Anti-Cables for my Maggies vs Signal Silver. I did not try Franks copper cables, so I don't know how they might have worked. Franks stuff is just a huge value.
I'm another convert to Signal cables. I use analog two for interconnects and the silver resolution for speaker cables.It's listed in my system.
These silver cables are very good. An excellent bargain in the overpriced cable community. Order them with Eichmann Silver Plugs...
I had Ultra bi wire SC , sounded good, switched to Clear Day Cables ( A'gon listed not affliaited) , much more open, dynamic and musical.