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media player for mac.
Ok.Tim (designer) told me that uncheck the "Use Maximum device Buffer size" Option.He was very quick about respond to your email. that was very good 
media player for mac.
hi.in bitperfect, what do you put on you buffer size and upsampliing size?i'm having weird sound "tick tick tick" sound....for your info. music steamer ii+i also check mark on Upsampling powers of 2.Thanks 
How much uncompressed music in Ipod classic?
is Ipod going have 200g classic anytime soon? 
media player for mac.
can this fidelia rip cd?Thanks 
media player for mac.
hi.where did you find that bit perfect. I tried goggle but i only find junk website.THanks 
media player for mac.
Hi Fiedelia is better than itune!Thanks 
for Bill Evans fan
my favorite album is I will say goodbye... 
cable fast dynamic and transparant recommendation
second for morrow 
Anyone auditioned the Cardas Clear? I have....
How much is the Clear speaker cable around 2 meter? How much did you pay your speaker cable Erik?Sorry about this newie question. I couldn't help this curiosity. 
fast blinking in the meter.
Thank you for fast response. 
I got the USB DAC per everyone's sugguestion BUT..
I'm using HRT USB Dac...I was going to get V-DAC, but I just got HRT Stream Plus. It's easy to use and I'm having great experience with this. I'm a 1st timer PC audio, but with this HRT i'm having fun. 
Morrow MA4 Vs JPS SC3?
morrow's ma-4 hands down... 
What Cables should I try?
I Second on Morrow 
I have a PC, and I love iTunes. What next?
is it ok get any dac or out of this world expensive dac machine? 
Audioquest King Cobra or Wireworld Equinox 6
hey But be careful about countfeits...they're all from China.just a friendly warning.