Sick of static-y Rega felt mat

I have a P3 Rega, which I'm very pleased with, except that the stock felt mat is so static-y that removing a record from it quickly becomes a comical routine which involves me shaking the record to remove the mat or peeling it off. Basta! Can anyone recommend an alternative? Preferably cheap, preferably the same thickness as the Rega mat since I do not have a VTA. Thanks!
I'd recommend a Ringmat. Not as cheap as it looks, but I've seen good used ones for $40. Good luck, Dave
I would recommend Herbies Way Exellent Deluxe TT Mat. I just replaced my P3 felt mat with one. Cost $58.00 plus shipping.Buy the thicker mat to match your felt mat in thickness,2.76 mm. Stay flat unllike the felt item. I don't regret spending the cash. Good Day, Shawn
Have you seen the acrylic platters for the Rega? Might be worth checking out.
I agree with Hamish. I have a Rega P9 with the Herbie TT mat. It is very good.
You might also consider a cork mat. VPI has a replacement cork mat made for its record cleaning machines -- about $10, as I recall -- and I'm using it on my VPI HW-10 Mk4 TT. It has a peel-off back with sticky surface, so it will adhere to the platter if that's your preference. You can buy the cork mat direct from VPI (see their web site), or from a VPI dealer.
Just ordered the Herbie's -- will post my results. Thanks all.

I know I'm chiming in (too) late, but I've recently been using a variant of this mat on my P3/RB300/Denon DL160. It's slightly thicker than the standard Rega felt, so VTA will be affected. It avoids the static issues with the standard felt mat, and so far I'm happy with the sound and ease of use--compared to, say, the None-felt variants, which are tricky to use without starting & stopping the platter after every side. It's also super-cheap: a sheet of the foam cost me 36 cents, including tax.

I find living with a Linn Sondek Lp12 and the felt mat that it came with is not a static problem. My home is an old forced air system which one might think would lend itself to the problem yet it doesn't. The only thing I can think of is that I do not play a single record that hasn't gone through my VPI machine and had a good washing. This includes the new ones to rid them of mold release.
I have tried other mats such as the extreme non-felt that I would highly NOT recommend as it leaves a sticky matter on the record surface. Most like the Ring Mat are expensive and I don't hear the improvement. LOL Cheers!
I have the same issue with my P25 and I have found that Radio Shack Anti-Static spray works. I does require re-treatment occasionally. Make sure to let it dry before you use the mat again. Sorry it doesn't tighten the bass or make any sound improvements. But it does take to worry out of having the mat drop and spin in to the cartridge.
The felt mat sounded dull on my LP 12, the Ringmat was bright, so there's been a natural-sounding Herbie's on it for quite a while now.
Whether or not a Ringmat sounds bright depends on the rest of your equipment, IMO. I should have said that I believe it works best with tubed equipment where it has an open, dynamic and clear sound that I found very appealing for the money (have since switched to the Boston Audio Mat 1). Dave
Hi Dave,

You got me thinking(always a struggle)...
Isn't the answer to almost every query here "it depends on the rest of your equipment"? I'm starting to believe that "audio forum participant" is just sort of a hobby, kind of like "audio enthusiast". Sometimes I think that my "help" just perpetuates the "grass is greener" audio spiral. Not sure if any opinions really help. Just some thoughts...
Pretty astute thoughts :-)
Goto and make a spotmat. I used one on my P25 and it worked miracles in my analogue setup. The highs were clearer. There was more atomphere, the bass was tighter, and much more detail. All this for $2.

Given I have no armboard for my Rega on my 19 Mk IV (customized plinth), I might use some betwen the VTA adjuster screw, the plinth, and the locking nut on the tonearm pillar. I will also use some to replace that cheap rubber washer they give to keep clamped records from warping.
Just got the Herbies -- seems pretty good. No more static problems, and it looks great. Sound different? Hard to tell if I'm imagining it, but it does seem blacker, more detailed, tighter.