SET amp hum problem

I'm listening to Wright 3.5 SET amps through Klipsch La Scala's, and have a considerable hum through the speakers. Just to be clear, there is no hiss--only an electrical hum. Had this problem with my previous amps, but I floated the ground with a 3-into-2 adaptor and it completely eliminated the hum. The problem is that these amps have only a 2 prong, captured power cord. Any suggestions? I know many people can tune this out, but it bothers me enough to sell them if I cannot eliminate it. Thank you for your suggestions.
Hey Howard- I believe the 2A3 tubes in those are direct heated triodes (someone correct me here if I'm wrong). Combine that with a 115 db efficiency rating of your horn speakers and you are bound to have some hum at idle. Given the smaller size of the room they're in you are probably more aware of this. Since I know you are speculating on a larger space to put these in, perhaps you may want to wait to make that decision. Given that there is no ground loop problem, you can try a power conditioner, but I'm not sure that will help if it's the direct heated tubes causing it. Some of that may be the way the circuit is designed as well. Did you phone George and ask him? He'd be the one to ask........since they're on a 30-day trial period can't you just return them if you are not happy with them? FYI my 300B's also have audible hum through my LaScala's. Just the nature of the beast. Doesn't bother me at all though. I left my computer on at work and it's automatically collecting my emails, so I'm not getting them at home right now in case you tried to email me about this.


Best thing to do is email George Wright. He will get back to you. Before you do, there's a couple of things to try. Replace the 6SN7's with new ones. Bad driver tubes will cause hum. Check the polarity of your outlets with one of those three-light plug testers. A reversed hot/neutral could cause the hum also. Power up the amps with just the speakers connected - to eliminate the possibility of ground loop from the IC cables. Mention to George you tried these.

I also have the 3.5's - and mine are dead quiet (although my speakers are less than 90db sensitive). There are a lot of could-be's if it's the amps, and only George can help.