Second System That Sounds And Looks Spectacular - I Am There!

I have just assembled a $20k second system, purchasing all the components in one go. Here is the story. After 33 years I have corrected a terrible mistake I made when I sold my turntable and vinyl record collection; I am  back into analog! Turntable is a Michell Engineering GyroDec (full plinth, not the SE version) with an SME IV tonearm and Clear Audio Maestro V2 Ebony cartridge. Preamp is a McIntosh C50 with a McIntosh MC275-MK VI tube power amp. And now for the really interesting bit; speakers are a pair of fully refurbished  Gale GS401A's. For those of you not familiar with Gale speakers here is a link:

The whole system sits on a custom made Core Audio plyKraft 3L stand. Not only does this system look beautiful (IMHO) it also sounds spectacular. Interestingly, my main system is a Krell/B&W set that cost about twice as much. The new Michell/Gale/McIntosh system sounds just as good, if not better.

Last night my wife and I listened to the new MFSL Bill Evans Sunday at The Village Vanguard UltraDisc One-Step LP (LMFUD1S002). This the second MFSL One Step, very limited edition, LP that cost $100. The first One Step LP, Santana Abraxas, is now selling for 5 times this price on eBay. We honestly thought we were listening to live music. I could not believe this recording is 56 years old. Background noise was non existent. Dynamic range, frequency response etc. was as good as anything I have ever heard.

I also use the new system to listen to computer audio via a MacBook Air and Audirvana Plus with the McIntosh C50 acting as the DAC. Again overall sound quality is as good as it gets IMHO. If you want to hear how good computer audio can sound, listen to the HD Tracks 24/96 Diana Krall Turn Up The Volume recording.

In conclusion, after 50+ years of being an Audiophile I have assemble the perfect system and could not be happier with the sound. Furthermore, I have what I consider beautiful HiFi art in my listening room.
 A happy audiophile?  We hate people like you!  Honestly, good for you,sounds like quite a "second " system.

Congratulations! Job well done. Now a question: Are you going to sell off your main system or designate your newly assembled system as "main"?

BTW, I'm an audiophile who is also happy with my current system that is comprised of modern electronics and TT, with vintage speakers. In my case, the speakers are Infinity RS1.5's. I paid $264 for them and they have replaced a couple of pair of modern speakers that retailed for $2K-$3K.

Happy Listening and Happy Weekend!
Those are some beautiful speakers! Love the mid-century retro look. I would gladly have these speakers just on looks alone (they'd match my Barcelona lounge chairs).

Congrats on what would constitute one's first system as your second: it's quite an achievement.

All the best,
Thank you for your support/comments. Re "reubent's" question about selling the main system (Krell/B&W). No, I will not be doing this, the main system is actually part of a 5.1 front projector HT system, which I am also very happy with. The only upgrade planned is a 4K projector. the HT and 2C stereo system are in different rooms.
mga... it will be very interesting to learn and find good vinyl source material as I get back into this "hobby" -- my brother still has my old LPs from the 70's - early eighties at his place in FL, not touch in decades, but I likely need to find new high quality pressings - even remasters after all this time in a box...............

I can't wait to get moved next month and get a place so I can put a setup in place..
I had 2 HT setups -- the second with projector -- I gave to my brother in July -- I will likely replace that setup in my bedroom -- so will shop for a new projector - screen to go with the Yamaha 5600 soundbar,,  the main living room HT is a modest 65in Panasonic plasma with denon and NHT speakers with HSU subwoofer -- it works well and will be re-setup at the new place
@steventoney - My records, which had been in storage for many years, are just fine now that I've set up a vinyl rig and started playing them again. I have been cleaning them, as I pull them out to listen. Otherwise, they are fine. Many of them are from the late 70's and 80's. I have been buying some new records. But I fine more enjoyment searching our old originals in the used bin and on-line.