Spectacular Drum Set?

Could any of you guys recommend a truly spectacular, explosive drum set on CD, recorded in state-of-the-art, demonstration-quality sound?
Sheffield Drum Record
Cut #4, "C'era Una Strega," on Round About Midsummer's Dream by Gianluigi Trovesi Nonet.

The entire CD is dynamic & well recorded.

Available through Enja records http://www.enjarecords.com/c9384.htm

Highly recommended!
The drum solo towards the end of "The Maker" on Spyboy by Emmylou Harris. Great drumming on a truly great song. Very nicely recorded too with some super bass.

Buddy Rich's work on the Audio Fidelity SACD "Buddy Rich With The Best Band I Ever Had" (AFZ003) is excellent. This is a very honest drum recording, but maybe not in the "spectacular" category.

Nardis on Patricia Barber's Cafe Blue CD (and SACD and album). Not a typical drum solo but very much "in the room". Good luck in your search.
Yim Hok-Man, Poems of Thunder. Ever heard the track on the Burmester Sampler CD? This is the guy from that disc. Not necessarily a drum kit, but its very well recorded.
Micky Hart/Airto "Dafos" originally released by Reference Recordings on 45 rpm LP, reissued by Rhino on CD

Micky Hart/Bill Kreutzmann/Airto "Rhythm Devils Play River Music" also on Rhino

Ondekoza (Demon Drummers of Japan) "Za Ondekoza" on CD, but can't recall the label.
I'll second Mickey Hart/Airto "Dafos". It was recorded in a theater in San Fran in the early 80's. I have it on CD released by Referance Recordings and can only imagine how good it must sound on 45 rpm LP.

To qoute the liner, "Consider that the sounds you hear on this album were recorded in a real concert space, not in a studio, were mixed on the spot to two tracks with no overdubbing, artificial reverb or equalization, and marvel at the engineering wizardry of Kieth Johnson."

This has become my reference when auditioning audio gear.
Rush, different stages . live
The Rythm Method
Disc #2, track #8
This is a spectacular solo by Neil Peart, one of the greatest progressive rock drummers in the world. Rush may not be everyone's cup of tea, but every person I have played this cut for has enjoyed the solo.
OR RUSH-A Show Of Hands. The Rythm Method.
On the Joe Jackson record Heaven and Hell is a piece (anger) where two drummers are playing the same part, one on the right, and one on the left. Turn it up, and you'll be blown away. Probably your neighbours as well.....
I second Yim Hok-Man. This man is a percussion genius and virtuoso.

I've also always been very fond on Mike Giles performances on "Court of the Crimson King" Very tight,very dynamic.
Dave Weckl: Master Plan.

The title track is a nifty panned drum battle between Steve Gadd and Dave that should satisfy even the most primal percussive urges. The recording quality is very decent, as well. check it out

Hell, most Weckl albums are a drum-fest. Take your pick.
Ed Graham Hot Stix. M&K Realtime direct to disc LP.
If you want an utterly astounding recording of percussion instruments there is a rather difficult to find CD called "Qalam Kar" by Chemirani Trio. It is an Iranian recording of a father-son trio who are masters of the Persian Dumbek. Truly one of the most engaging recordings I own. I have never heard the drum given a 'voice' at it is by these gifted musicians. The recording is also quite excellent, and really shows off a systems soundstaging. I doubt it's exactly what the poster is looking for, but if ou are a percssion fan of any kind, don't miss out on this if you can find a copy.

Trilok Gurtu !!!
Billy Cobham - Spectrum
Pretty much all of Vinnie Colaiuta's drumming on Zappa's "Joe's Garage"

Dennis Chambers: "Outbreak"
Many thanks for all the good leads.
Art Blakey - "Orgy In Rhythm Vol 1&2" - Blue Note CD
There is some mighty fine drumming/percussion that is spectacularly well recorded on "Tony Dagradi Trio: Live at the Columns," Turnipseed (don't laugh) Music CD. This is a jazz trio (saxophone, bass, drums/percussion) recorded live in New Orleans in 1993. The music is fine and the sound is state of the art; for a dandy drum set, try track 7. An added small bonus: this is the only CD I've ever seen that carries the following note on the back: "Warning: Contains dynamic range which may damage your stereo, or at least make you want a better one."
Check out Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater. The modern day Neil Peart.
Art Blakey Drum Suite, 1956 re-issue on 180gram vinyl or if you are very lucky an original pressing in mint condition.
Big Pig album called BONK.From the mid 80's Awesome percussion album.Seven member band,six of whom are on some sort of percussive instrument.I also have some 45 rpm singles from them that have huge slamming sound on my apogee diva's.Also very cool moody music.One of my fave demo bands
1.Dennis Chambers on "Pick Hits Live" by John Scofield (fusion)
2.Steve Smith with "Vital Information" (fusion)
3.Carter Beauford produces great drum sounds for Dave Matthews
Don't overlook the various Jazz Festiival and performance DVD's as they generally cost just a few bucks more than cd's,but you get to see the performance.
Ditto on the Dennis Chambers, best drummer I heard.
He plays on Foreign Affairs & Front Page with Bireli Lagrene on lead guitar, outstanding.
More votes for Ed Graham Hot Stix and Dafos. Stunning on vinyl.

Forget Charlie Byrd on Crystal Clear: very dry and not necessarily realistic.

A couple others that come to mind:

Percussion Music on Nonesuch, on HP's list for a long time.

Drum Improvs, sort of an experimental CD-R of a few short cuts of a big drum set recorded live to hard disk by the performer. A little bit of mike splash but otherwise a shocker. Don't know if it's still available. Mail me for info.

Bernard Purdie playing on the track: Sing Sing Sing on Bucky Pizziarelli's "Nirvana" cd - Definitely one-ups Gene Krupas original (IMHO). The drumset is presented non-realistically. taking up the entire width of the soundstage, but that's what makes it fun. Tremendous sonic dynamics and it's on LaserLight, so should be obtainable cheap. The rest of the CD is pretty nice, too.
The most amazing drum recording I've experienced (and this one kills most of the ones listed so far) is from South American metal band Sepultura. I don't recall the name of the album but on that album they play with the Kodo drummers of Japan. The recording is clean, clear and crazy dynamic. This is THE BEST percussive audio workout I know of.

Happy Trails!
I started this thread months ago and had almost forgotten about it until just recently, when I heard the spectacular drum set to end all spectacular drum sets. A friend who went to CES in January came back with a demo CD from Usher Audio that was evidently being given away at CES. Track two is a seven-minute drum/percussion set, identified only as "Jim Keltner: Improvisation," which will rot your socks. Absolutely amazing, and an audiophile's dream: this has to be the best-recorded percussion set ever. At the end the drummer grunts quite audibly, as if to say "Take that!" I don't know where this track came from; perhaps one of you guys can identify it. But it's well worth seeking out.
Hey Tex - Remember my first suggestion - The Sheffield Drum Record - Guess what - it's started with "Improvisations by Jim Keltner".
Tool, Rush and Dead Can Dance have some incredible drums on just about every album.
Joey Baron is among the greatest stickmen out there. His work on Masada 8: Live in Seville is a true testament to his artistry. This is also a spectacular sounding recording. True drumset in your listening room level stuff.
Mark Brzezicki (Big Country) on just about anything. There are a couple tracks on "Peace in Our Time" that are astounding. For pocket playing, soulfulness, and a relaxed but explosive power, I don't think Brzezicki can be topped. Sorry, but he makes Jim Keltner sound like he's asleep.
Well, if Keltner was asleep when he did the "improvisations" thing, then I'm even more impressed.
I figured that would arouse your attention, Snofun3.
Moby Dick by Zeppelin on Classic Records reissue vinyl. Bonzo just gets those flammin kick and toms going and the cones on the speakers start rumblin and shaking. Freaking Excellent.