Need confirmation of "spectacular quality" CD

Last night I listened to Anton Dvorak Sym No.8 and Serenade Op.22 B 52 E Major, on a disc from a
"Famous Composers" compilation of 40 CDs (box set) from a company I've never heard of before;
Cascade Medienproduktions u. -vertriebs GmbH.(order No.04000)
I was sipping Rye & very relaxed putting this on & wasn't expecting anything special as I bought the 40 CD package for just $40.
The Orchestras were listed as
Stuttgart Chamber Orch, Martin Seighardt conducting
for the 1st piece and Orf Radio Sym Orch, Milan Horvat conducting the 2nd. I don't remember having other music by either group or conductor.
I was "very" surprised.
I found the conducting excellent,
playing excellent and to top it off the
recording quality seemed absolutely outstanding for the price. A beautiful panorama of the orchestra was widely spread before me.
I thought this is something others may relish as well, particularly if they appreciate the emotional swings that, in my mind, Dvorak has a very special gift for.
I am obviously very taken with this recording all round and would love to get some feedback from others.
This box set may well be a sleeper if more recordings impress me like this. Happy listening, Pete

I'm not familiar with the recording you have, but I love the Dvorak symphonies and the string serenade. He has long been a favorite composer of mine, and I recently acquired the entire set of his string quartets by the Panocha Quartet. One of the many delights in classical collecting is finding so many great recordings at low prices. But it takes some time to research and compare. Only occasionally do they just fall in your lap. My favorite late Dvorak symphonies are by the Cleveland SO, both Szell's and Dohnanyi's. But Germany has many fine orchestras.
Thanks for the 'heads up' on the Panocha Qtt set-but-you didn't mention how they sound. Could you comment? I've enjoyed Szell & Dohnanyi and the Cleveland as well. I can highly recommend the am@do classics box set "Famous Composers"-I've listened to another couple of CD's and the music & sound are 'very' impressive-particularly for such an economical set!