Schiit Loki EQ

Will an EQ like a Schiit Loki work with signal going from DAC to Loki to Integrated Amp.?  Thanks.
Yes it will. And very well I might add 
I was told by my dealer that I would need a preamp and amp and I would have the signal go from dac to pre to loki to amp.
You can only put it between the pre-amp and amp if you're using RCA cables. No balanced/XLR cable option with the Loki.

If your DAC and power amp dose not come with a volume control, you do need a preamp to control the volume.
Correct. but he mentioned an integrated amp, so no problemo
dac - loki - integrated
dac - loki - integrated
Should be no problem.
Thanks again.  I am going to order one and try it.  I will let you know how it works.
I use one between DAC and headphone amp. Same application as you are suggesting. 
my buddy has one. it works as advertised!