Running two MC275's in mono

I am considering changing speakers and getting some tidal audio piano ceras. I am worried that my MC275 VI edition, does not produce enough power. Accordingly, I am considering getting a second MC275, and running them in mono. However, while I can find other MC 275's on this site, I cannot find the same edition I have. I assume it would be a bad idea to run different editions of the MC275 in mono?
Try what you have right now, you may not need another amp.
I ran into the same situation with phase problem on MC275 IV and V. I ended up with 2 MC275 V and "wow" what a different.
Yes, more power to better control of the sound. Music sound amazing without any tweaks.
I just purchased 2 new MC601 to compare and probably will not go back to any powerless amplification again.
I have two 275's mk V. in mono the 75 rated power is really at 80-90...plenty of power. In mono I need not worry hoerver.

Thank you Polk, Beewas, and Rwd.
Ive owned the 275 on more than one occasion and Ive heard the Tidals..IMO not a good match at all.The Macs are too slow and tubby and better suited for other speakers
Hummmm.....not mine?? I think there are extremely natural with my speakers (Infinity RS 1B's).