Who Here Is Running an AudioNote System and are you In Love?

Would be curious to know who among the gathered here is running an AudioNote system at whatever "level," and are you in love with it?


You won't find much response I fear. 

Go to the April Axpona show in Chicago

and hear it for yourself. It is very good.

AudioExcellence of Canada has recently become an AN dealer and has been reviewing various AN components. What they mull over seems pertinent to the interests of Audiogon members - the back and forth concerning resolution and emotion in sound systems.


I believe that the amp, speaker cables, and AN speakers are the heart of an AN system. I only have two upstream components, a DAC into an AN preamp. Based on the wonderful sonic synergy of these components, I would love to add more AN components to expand the synergy that Audio Note has designed.


It's inspiring to hear that even the lower levels of AN components are still quite good. The upper tier stuff is just too expensive for most.

I own and absolutely love AN-J/lx speakers I feel like they really brought my system to the next level. I also use an AN Dac-3 Signature or did for about for about 5 years it gave up the ghost at 26 years of age and is currently awaiting a donor transformer. I also use their Lexus80 speaker cables. To me the AN sound is not really caring that much about gear and getting lost in the music on a very high level.