Running 2 systems in 1?

I’m probably going to get burned at the stake for this. Does anyone run 2 separate systems in the same room? I’m talking a tube amp/integrated, and SS on the same rack? Obviously it’s ok to have a digital source, AND run vinyl. But, anyone run different amps, and still have the ability to change it up? Much easier if one has a selection of standmount speaks..... crazy? I’m wanting to be able to change the sound in my listening room drastically, according to mood....
No problem! I have two systems setup in one room at present: RGR 4 pre, GAS Son of Ampzilla, DCM Time Windows 1A.         Bryston .5 pre, 3B amp, Speaker Lab 7's. Signal sources: Pioneer PLX1000 TT, Denon 103R and Denon SUT, Pioneer PD103 CD, Mitsubishi DA-F10 tuner. I've always had multiple systems due to having too much gear and lack of space! At present I have two other rooms full of gear awaiting use - both tube and SS!
Variety is the spice of life!
I’ve got a pair of Old Mission 781’s, Kef R300’s, and a new pair of Funk Audio 6.1p’s. All standmount, easy to change up. I’m going to buy a tube integrated, and a new SS integrated. I think I’m going to keep both. I’ve also got a pair of REL 5SHO subs on order..... we shall see.
That should read ‘a pair of 5SHO subs on layaway ‘.....
I run two systems in the same room.
One dedicated 2 chanel Krell based

and a
5 & 1 Home theatre with older Macintosh equipment.
Different  ends of a medium sized room.
Not on the same rack or electrical circuts
Both have dedicated sweet spots. A chair and a couch
Was there a (technical) question in the original post or just a confirmation of sanity?
Yes, is the short answer. I run both a HT system centered around high quality SS equipment an a 2 channel system centered around quality integrated tube equipment.  Is it optimal? Probably not but it pleases me immensely. 

Yes I ran a SS 5.1 sub/sat system and 2.0 tube system with floorstanders for many years and loved it...These days I'm in a much smaller place and have given up 5.1 for higher quality 2.0....
Not exactly 2 systems, but I have 3 different amps that I switch out when I want a change.
I had Sound Anchor make me a stand to accommodate them.