Rotel RB-1080 and Sonus Faber GP?

Has anyone tried this combo?
Any suggestion for amp to drive this speakers is welcome,tkanks,
i have a rotel 1090 and SF cremona auditors
very nice...

i originally got the 1080 and ran that on my thiels 2.2s and that amp manhandled the speakers to their fullest...the 1090 is just better version of the same...terrific combo and will do well with very efficient SF's
good luck
Sold both lines over the years. PLEASE?!...MOVE UP IN AMP QUALITY WITH THOSE! Jump to at least Classe, McCormack, or better!
I haven't heard of the rotel 1080 but would think you wouldn't get the best of the GP's with those.

Try them with quality amps and you would be well astound by the GP's. Truly great speakers which don't cost a fortune.
Correction " wouldn't get the best out of the GP's with those"

I'm using Plinius SA-100MKIII to drive them with great effect.
Hi Ryder,
I read your post about Plinius and I notice you are verry happy with Plinius SA-100MK III.Right now I use a rotel amp rmb 1075,5 channel*120 watts each.Have to recognize the amp can not drive the SF GP properly,the front speakers need more juice,so I'm thinging to buy a rotel amp 2 channel 200 watts each channel for fronts.Rotel in my opinion are good amp for the money,but sure not the best,anyway I think it's hard to find the same quality for the money.But the first reason I want to buy the same brand ,it's I'm afraid if I buy different brand, when I listen in DD, DTS or dvd audio,I'll get different sound,this scenario is for HT(5 or more channel).It is true 80 % I listen in stereo,but I'm afraid the result will be not ok if I have different amps brands.Maybe you have more experience wiht this.So I want to built a system, stereo and also Ht(2 channel+5 channel)I,m temp to try Plinius but I dont now anybody here in Seattle to own this brand.Any sugestion will be welcome,thanks,
PS. my main concern is how it's working 2 different amp brands?Will be easy if i can listen,but have to buy used...
freind of mine has vac avatar with GP. sounds great.
I have a NAD 763 for HT (SF Solo, SF Walls, REL Strata III) with a NAD 272 (150 watts) for the GP front speakers. Absolute Sound recently gave NAD 272 kudos in the under $1000 range. I am 2 months into this set-upand listen 50% stereo/50% HT. I knew I was potentially under utilizing the GP with this combo, however I have been pleasantly surprised. I have added acoustic treatments and decent cables which have helped the overall sound. I originally auditioned the GPs on Primare amps. I was just not prepared to invest in Primare, McCormick, Edge, etc. at this point
I have a pair of GP's and origionally used a 1080 was ok, I went to a classe ca 101, and was floored by the detail the speakers could play......liked one classe ca 101 so much that I got a second, and ran teh gp's off of mono amp configs, and they are AMAZING!!!!!! got a good source component, and have decided to no longer use my sub, they dont need it. Give them plenty of clean power, and they really come to life
The Sonus Faber GP speakers require power to really sound good. I recently switched from a 50wpc to the McIntosh MA6900 Integrated Amp rated at 200wpc. These speakers sound excellent with the increased power and quality of the McIntosh. If you like the Rotel RB-1080, I suggest you borrow one and test it out before you buy. cheers..
It's true that the GP's need a fair bit of power to come alive. I first used a Classe CAP-100 and was never really impressed with the sound. Hooked up the GP's to the ARC D130 and just a slight improvement. It was when I changed to the high-current Plinius SA-100MkIII everything came to life. The dynamics and transient attack was incredible.
I had the GP's hooked up to my Rotel RMB-1095 to great effect. Eventually, I re-arranged my systems and now the GP's are run by a Sonic Frontiers Power 1 amp (55 wpc tube). It is so ridicously good that I'm out of the upgrade business. So, if you're worried about power requirements, don't fret. The Rotel will do them justice, and then some. But if you find a Power 1 out there for sale, give it some thought!


thanks guys for your input.i bought Primare A/30.2 to drive SF and is working great.I also bought Primare stereo preamp and all make a great match and sound wonderful.Verry happy with this combination.Even Primare amp are just 120 watts per channel is much powerfull then Rotel 1080(200 watts),drive my SF very easy and has a lot of reserve.I use Rotel for 3 weeks and I wasn't happy with the result.Rotel is a great amp but is not ok with SF.Just my personal opinion.
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