Rookie here, SACD's sound "muffled". Normal?

I need some assistance. I recently purchased Denon AVR-2805, Denon DVD-1920, Energy RC-70's. CD audio sounds beautiful. Clean and clear high frequency more than enough "high's" for my taste. My question is why do SACD's not deliver the same clean and clear high frequency? SACD's image very well and produce a smoother full tone than CD audio, but I have very limited high range. I purchased quality rca cables and have tried multi channel setting, 2 channel stereo setting, different DSP settings and nothing seems to produce those highs. Any advice would be appreciated.
Not normal. I would first ensure that NO digital re-processing is being done to the analog signal coming in from the SACD player. There should be a "bypass" or "direct" mode setting on your AVR-2805 that allows the analog signal to pass through untouched. Once you go through A/D conversion in the AVR-2805, the high resolution of SACD is lost.
If you have not already done this you might try breaking in the SACD player longer, on some players the CD and SACD each need a separate breakin period.
Not normal. This lp lover would say that normal for SACDs is overblown high frequencies.
Borrow another SACD player from you dealer for comparison. If that sounds then take the SACD in question to the dealer / friend for comparison. Never heard this before.
Another thing might be- you are familiar to the digital sound and feel that the close-to-analog sound is not what you like.
not normal. should have good highs - as plinko said the highs sometime seem more intense than redbook.