Made rookie mistake w/soldering:need help

I was bored and decided to change binding posts on Conrad-Johnson MF 200 solid state amplifier.I unsoldered all connections and realised that while the red wires go to red binding posts from both sides of the amp (and therefore easily identifiable),the green wires that go to black posts for both channels were braided together and are coming thru the middle directly soldered to the circuit board from underneath and i cannot tell which wire goes to which channel.The red posts are already in place and wired correctly..How should i proceed to identify which wire goes where?What kind of sound would i get with the mixed up black terminals?Please,help!
Use and OHM Meter at each end of the wire to determine the run.
I don't believe the CJ is full balanced, so likely it's just a common ground & shouldn't actually matter that much if at all.