Tube rookie needs integrated advice.

I'm considering going with a tube integrated amp to drive Von Schweikert VR 1's in my den(18'x18'ish). Can I find a good/decent unit for under $1K new or used or should I stick with SS at this pricepoint? It will most likely be matched with a Sony DVP-S7700.

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Thanks for your input,

I see that the Jolida 302b has some very good reviews. Will it match well with my smallish room and Sony DVP-S7700? I plan on upgrading the Sony later either via a new DAC or different player. Also, how does the Jolida compare to similarly priced Antique Sound Lab integrated amps? I've read some that the Antique Sound Lab's are built better.

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Well a quick look tells me your speakers are 90db sensitivity wise.

Why not a good used tube amp? Listen to an Audiomat Arpege if you have the chance. I have a friend who uses them with Northcreek 90db speakers and it is really good. It's an amp I could easily live with. Used it may be $100 or so over your budget.(sorry)

The Audiomat Arpege sounds like a great amp from the reviews but it most likely is going to be very hard to find used in my price range. Maybe it will be my next upgrade. What about the Jolida 302A? I actually like the older black look better. Is it and the 302B sonically similar? Can I find any tube integrated amps in my price range that come with a remote?

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Along w/the previous mentioned Jolida products, I would highly recommend you check out the Kora "Explorer SI 90"
hybrid tube int. amp. Wonderful sounding amp!
I've listened to a couple of ASL and have been quite impressed. Passion tube amps are make from the same kit but use some upgraded power supplies and sound a bit better IMO. Good luck.
sonograph separates(used at around one thousand in mint condition) are solid state but their unique design make them very sweet sounding...they are by conrad-johnson and match quite nicely with your speakers.historically their quality and value are truly unique
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I think I've made up my mind to go with a Jolida 1501RC(or non RC). It seems like a lot of amp for the $$ and it's hybrid design will most likely fit my listening tastes best. I found a very good deal on a Sony 7700 to go with it and I already have Kimber Silver Streak interconnects to hook them up. That will leave me enough money to pickup the Von Schweikert VR 1's. I also already have some extra DH Labs T-14 speaker cable to complete my setup. One question. If I upgrade my VR 1's to Totem Model 1 Signatures or Mani 2's, will the 1501 have enough power to get the best out of them? Also any suggestions on better interconnects, speaker wire, tubes, etc. is greatly appreciated.

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Mani 2's are a monster load. 4K ohm and 85db sensitivity is probably a little too much for the Jolida - their website doesn't even list whether it can handle a 4 ohm load.

A friend of mine uses a Bryston 4B to drive his Mani's.

If you're thinking of moving up to those speakers, though you probably want to move up in quality of amplification and source anyway. If you're looking for an amp that can drive the VR 1's and the Mani's you're probably going to have to move up the food chain.
the mani's could be driven by the sonographe pair as well and you would get that bass that they are famous for. the mosfet design would keep the midrange tubelike.