Rolling Stones CD Remasters 2002?

My Stones CDs are very early - late 80's and I'm looking to "upgrade" with remasters if it is worth the effort. Any comments on the 2002 remastered cds?

To replace:
Let it bleed

Some Girls
Goats Head

Comments appreciated.
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The remasters done by Bob Ludwig are excellent. Look up Bob Ludwig on Artists Direct and check which ones he has done. Another great CD was Jump Back (a compilation with good sound).

Note that the Stones music is generally distorted (especially the early stuff) and there is nothing a sound engineer can do to restore deliberate distortion, as this was what was recorded...a deliberately rough sound which added to the "bad boy" image that Mick carefully crafted to create contrast against beatlemania and the Beatles' glossy polished studio productions. Mick is a sharp cookie who studied at LSE. The stones briefly made some highly polished sound when they decided to attack the disco/B Gees sounds with Tattoo (deliberate satire being the highly polished sound of "Miss You" which was very successful, BTW)
Only the London and Decca recordings of the Stones US and UK releases were remastered. So, Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main Street, as well as your second group of recordings (which are currently on Virgin Records) were not re-issued.

As for Beggar's Banquet and Let It Bleed, if you can still get your hands on the 2002 re-masters (gatefold hybrid SACDs) by all means do so. The sound is the closest to the original vinyl of any CD version that I have heard.

Check out this Audiogon thread from 2003 for a discussion about these remasters.

Regards, Rich
Very helpful. Found this in the thread:

Since posting I happened to be at Frye's and picked up Beggars. They didn't have the SACD, but I got the "DSD Remasterd" CD. The only info I can find on the net addresses the SACD hybrid versions and does not mention the regular CD only. Just spent 20 minutes with it and the improvement is very obvious. Far more detail in percussion/strings. The bongo (or small hand drum?) on Sympathy sounds entirely different - much more live/3d/detailed. Throughout the klavas (or wood on wood instrument) now sounds like, well, wood on wood instead of just a "knocking" sound. The fiddle also sounds great.

There is one odd thing going on with the bass and/or kick drum. Sounds almost like someone bumping a mic, very low frequency that sounds non-musical. I suspect this must be my system, but to date this has not been a problem. Speakers rated down to 25hz and pull it off quite well. Maybe a bit bloomy with this amp, but not bad enough to create the distorted LF I'm hearing. Bass oboes on Madman Across the . . . and distorted voices on 3 Wishes (Amused to Death) sound very clear and undistorted. I have used these for LF testing for years.

Antique Sound Labs AQ1001DT on top end and Mccormack DNA 0.5 on bottom of Mirage M1 with Sony 333ES player)

Were the SACD versions a limited edition? Are they only available in the Remastered Series box set ($375?)?
Off topic, but I also picked up another favorite remastered album - Joni Mitchell Blue. Well worth the $9.99! Been putting that one off for years.
Sony repair center in Laredo, TX lost my copy of "Let it Bleed" SACD.
Does anyone know how I can replace?
What is with the "limited runs" of media that will surely sell?
I thought record companies are in business to make $$$?
At any rate, I still have the "gatefold" LIB cover to keep me warm at night.
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I was at FYE (For Your Entertainment) music store today. They sell new / used CD/DVDs. Found a used copy of Bleed, sealed in their shinkwrap. I compared it to the new copy and both said Abko 2002, but the used copy was in cardboard (digipak)and the new copy in a plastic case. For 9.99 I hoped it would be the remastered version, but found that it was actually the SACD version, like new.

Went back to the store after that and bought another used copy of Bleed, Flowers, 12x5 and Aftermath - out the door for $32 with their 20% discount on four used CDs.

Obviously they do not distinguish between the Redbook only and SACD version. FYE bought out Wherehouse here in southern CA, not sure if they exist elsewhere.

BTW - Used Bleed SACD have been selling for $35 on ebay.
Interesting. The only direct comparison I have done is Exile on Main Street: The first cd version (same master tapes as vinyl) and the later remastered version.

I found the earlier version to be far superior to the remastered version.
I find the ABKCO remasters to be excellent for the instrumental parts, and piss-poor with the vocals disappearing into the mix, in terms of comparable volume.

All in all, a huge disappointment.
Amansker, the SACDs became a limited edition by default when Sony decided to stop supporting the SACD format for popular releases. Instantly after announcing the cessation of the SACD Stones titles, the price of the SACD's tripled on Ebay and at other outlets for used cd's. I don't think the improvement in sound is worth the current price premium for the SACDs. Like Shadorne said, the Stones favored a really rough sounding mix. I own or have heard almost all of the SACD remasters and still prefer to listen to my better sounding vinyl pressings.
I was checking out the Artistdirect Ludwig page and notice this: Let It Bleed (Japan). Does that mean that this is a special japanese release? Can I get it domestically?