Rogue 99

Impressions of thwe 99 Magnum.
Sort of neutral sounding in my opinion and to my ear, not what you want if you are looking for a juicy midrange tube signature. I got mine with a balanced output & like the way it sounds hooked up to a Rogue Zeus. Have had it maybe a couple of years so far, no issues, no desire to look for something else.
Musical, clean,quiet,no problems in 3 years,happy owner
Jeff jones
How did you get the balanced inputs on your 99? I got a similar set up like yours,and wondering why Rogue provides balanced inputs on their amps but not balanced outputs on the Magnum 99 pre.
terrific bass
George- Equipment manufacturers are like wimen. Talk to them about your needs, be patient, be willing to spend that little bit extra on them, and you will most likely spend almost all of your life broke and waiting. But sometimes they suprise you.
I had one a couple of years ago. For some reason I didn't like it. I ended up selling it and buy many others after. Now I find myself looking at them in the used market again. Go figure!
Lean sounding to my ears, but I don't use Cat 5.
If you listen to it with poor-sounding tubes, it will not sound good. Even cheap old Russians are warm sounding in it, though lack some detail. With Sylvania's it sounds great.
I tried many different tubes for my taste in this pre. I ended up prefering red letter RCA, over the Sylvania Chrome tops.