Replacing Audio Physic Virgo2

Hello Audiophiles,

I currently own a pair of Audio Physic Virgo2 speakers but rarely use them. I run my system with Conrad Johnson pieces; an MV55 amp and a Premiere 17LS. I wish to down size my system and am considering the two way Harbeth Compact 7 ES3. The range of my music is vocal, jazz and chamber. Since my listening time has declined a nice clean mid-range, no bass not a problem when I do listen. I prefer the BBC sound having once owned a pair of Roger's LS35As. I might downsize my tube components as well, and need to consider speakers that are forgiving. I DO NOT want a desk top surround sound speaker as I have read that the smaller Harbeth speakers are considered by some.
Please advise.
Love your current speakers, probably for all of the same reasons you purchased them. Detail and involving.

I currently run Penaudio Cenya monitors which replaced Merlin MME monitors. I've also owned LS3/5A monitors and several other British monitors to include Epos ES11 and Celestion......ahhhhh, the midrange. They are difficult to find for audition. Purchased my through Seattle Hifi.

I listen to jazz, acoustic blues, Celtic, soundtracks and classical some. I own several K2 HD, MoFi, XRCD and MA recordings. This is a speaker which will change readily with components but is not difficult to drive as my Sugden A21SE 30wpc Class A integrated drove them silly.

It is completely open and as non-box sounding as anything I've heard. Relaxed midrange and highs with respectable bass. Currently running with Sugden A21SE transport, EVS Millenium DAC, Manley Jumbo Shrimp and Mahi Mahi monoblocks. Hope this gives you a legitimate consideration.
IMO the Harbeth Compact 7 ES3 is an excellent little speaker and an improvement upon the original LS3/5A. It is hardly a desktop item and performs best on stands.

I had the Rogers version of the LS3/5A latter and, while they are still a warm nostalgic memory, the little Harbeths are much better I think. They both share the BBC style tuning, BTW, but the Harbeths are more extended and easier to drive (but not that easy!).

BTW, I like the Virgo also.
I used to own those Audio Physic Virgo 2's..those are killer good speakers. I know the Harbeths are others are very good to...but you can go backwards from where you are...

Another idea, and likely more than you may want to spend is the Wilson Duettes...
How about a smaller speaker in the Audio Physic line if you like the house sound of that brand.

I have had Proac speakers for quite a while. Tried some Harbeth when the Proac were being repaired. Sold the Harbeth, and bought a different (more expensive) Proac speaker.
The best Monitor is the one from Reference 3A, sounds way better than
any Virgo and all recommendations above.
Another interesting solution are Speakers from Verity Audio.
I had the Virgo IIs few years ago,and i tried to replace them with Eben X- Centric,Focal Mini utopia,Maggies 1.6,Thiel the end i kept them for a while longer until i bought a pair of Dynaudio C5.
I used to drive them with a Krell KSA80B first and a Burmester 956mk2 after with great result. Never liked them with valves.