Replace Caps?

just wondering if the need to replace amp capacitors have a particular sonic imprint.
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That seems rather vague, can you be more specific? Are you trying to maintain an old amp?


Generally, most who replace old power supply caps report either nothing, or lower noise and more powerful bass.
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Would the sonic signature change if you used "boutique caps" instead of the same?

Power supply caps tend to be pretty limited. Signal caps might, especially input/output coupling caps.

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I've been looking for a "bug" in my system...a kind of resonance sound - like something loose and vibrating in the speakers themselves - a "fuzz".  I removed the tweeters which were sent back from the manufacturer as being fine...removed the mids - same story....removed the crossover - same story.  I noticed that the sound gets worse after a couple of minutes of - out went my 130 lb. amp.  The manufacturer says everything specs out ok, but would recommend changing the caps (2) - fine .....we'll take a listen upon its return.  I've been chasing this thing for over a year.
String - you might check a couple of things like cones on speakers tight against washers, check also for resonance in room furniture, tables, art on wall ( ask me how I know ! Ugh ), also use your vandertones to see if it is isolated to sub
put heavy weight on external filters, try sweep tone disc to try and isolate ( Cardas)
... bummer
hope amp solves it... did they replace power supply caps ? When those are weak but not toast they can sound like woofer bottoming but normally also accompanied by a raise in 60 HZ noise
you might also pop rail fuses...

What you describe sounds like an oscillation in the audio chain, preamp or amp. Could be caused by cables/interconnects, maybe? But that aside, the only “sound signature” I’ve heard as an indication of marginal/old capacitors was in my old Adcom 555ii where I could hear a slight “farting” sound when the unit was powered off and an slightly degraded bass response.

P.S. I assume it’s an SS amp given the weight but microphonic power tubes “can” also give the “fuzz” sound sensation, based on my limited experience.
Changed to other brands of cables, checked for tightness of speaker spikes tightness, banged on everything in the room...had a well known artist create a triptick for the back wall and stuffed the back with fiberglass wool to prevent resonance. Don’t really know what caps they’re replacing but if it solves the problem I’d pay twice. I REALLY don’t want to get the subs out of the cabinets...really heavy.  Yesterday, I got another thought...just ordered Herbies floor protector gizmos.  The speakers are on travertine tile floors  I have the spikes on brass protectors already...I'm trying everything.