REL Sub T1 or T2 Good Match for Dynaudio Focus 140

Just purchased the Dynaudio Focus 140's and i now i am looking at subwoofer's in the $1000.00 range. Would the REL T1 or T2 be a good match for these speakers. Will be used for both music and movies. Thanks for any input.
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I have the R205 and did a head to head with the T1 and T2 using the 140's in a showroom in SF. No contest. Find a 205 new or used. Incredible.
My experience, and that of my dealer's, is that the T series are better for music. I am using a T2 with some upper end Dynaudio speakers and I am very impressed. See if you can try one at home, but I highly recommend the T2.
As a Dynaudio dealer I might be somewhat biased, but why not stick with Dynaudio and look at the Sub250?

The Dynaudio subs are superb imho. They play clean and tight without any hint of boomyness to them. With control at your fingertips to adjust the bass settings makes the Dynaudio subs just about as flexible as you can get.
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The Dynaudio Sub 250 is indeed a very nice sounding subwoofer. I owned one and used it with my C1's and if you are able to use the high pass filter option that may work well for you. However, I can tell you that in my house the REL T series is even more invisible and musical than the Dynaudio Sub 250 when used to augment the low frequencies only for music playback. The REL connects via speaker level and the blending is seamless. I love Dynaudio and think they make amazing speakers, but for 2-channel music listening, the REL in my opinion is the better choice here. See if you can try them out in your home first and form your own opinion.
I haven't heard the "T" series Rel subs...

I tried the R205 and liked it a lot. I'm now trying the B3 and like it even more.

These two Rels are the best sounding subs I have ever had in my systems and there have been plenty!

Warning... Shameless plug to follow ;)
Long time Dynaudio owner here... starting with two pairs of Audience monitors which I still own, then Contour 1.3SE's, then Confidence C2's, and currently the Confidence C4's in my main system. I've had great luck with my REL Storm III over the last few years, but am thinking about selling it as my C4's register quite well in the lower frequencies and can over-power my room when paired with the REL.... so the REL has been sitting idle since shortly after my C4's arrived. Let me know if you are interested.
I took a T1 home based on some of the press. I've had sub sat systems for probably 20 yrs and been in this house for 6 or 7. I had been using a Velodyne DD12 but wanted something smaller for my stereo first home theater second system. I broke it in, put it in the good spot up almost in the corner and used it for a week. It just did not seem to have the output some of the other subs I've had in the system do. I hooked up the SMS1 from velodyne and sure enough the bass started to drop at above thirty and was down a fair amount by mid 20s. I'm not a bass nut and generally don't have have the bass set very loud but this was a bit thinner than expected. The sales guy has been selling Rels for years and told me from the start to bump to the next size up. I took it back and I am thinking on trying one of the little velodyne miniV 10 models or perhaps a martin logan grotto, new model. Hope that helps.
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Distortion, can you comment on the difference in performance between the R205 and the B3? I'm very interested in that comparison.
Dubin you bet.

I listen at mostly low-med level, in a smallish room, which can be treated at will with various bass traps and foam panels. I prefer less treatment for acoustic and aesthetic reasons.

I am searching for smooth bass integration. I am not sure why, but I am very critical of inarticulate bass.

The B3 is the most seamless integration I have ever had. The R205 just slightly less so.

They both liked different spots in the room but once set up properly the B3 presents the lows with more authority without calling attention to itself.

Volume levels seemed similar though I don't listen at loud volumes often. Albeit the B3 energizes the really low notes better.

Overall I would sum up by saying, The B3's advantage is clearly in its ability to disappear into the system and do its job. For me, that is to pick up where my mains leave off and no more.

I use Merlin TSM-MXe's. In my room they drop off pretty steeply below 38hz. I have a slight bump up around 54hz (I have a Velodyne SMS too, though it is used on an NHT setup in another room)

So far I am completely satisfied with the Merlin and B3 combo.

I have the crossover set at the next to lowest Xover point so that it is well rolled off before the mains kick in.

Hope that helps

Thanks, very helpful.