Regal salon 2 vs vandersteen 5a carbon

What are your thoughts of these 2 speakers? Their strengths and weaknesses, differences. Which would you pick? 
 Have medium sized room driven with McIntosh tube preamp and McIntosh 300 watt amp.
I have a pair of 5A's them with Ayre......wonderful.  I have the Kawazinga upgraded finish....gorgeous.   I had people in the house who are pro furniture makers and were very impressed with the perfection of the  construction of the speakers
I like the Vandersteen 5a. I wish I had a pair.
All these views and nobody have any thoughts on one or the other?
Listing your full system would help put suggestions into context. Having said that, I am very happy with Vandy 5A speakers with McIntosh. Check out my system page for details. I have not heard the 5A Carbons, but reviews are outstanding.  If they are better than my 5A speakers, that is saying something. Not familiar with the speakers you mention. Do you mean Revel?