Amp for Vandersteen 5A Carbons

Getting ready to, very possibly, make a deal for a pair of these Vandy's. Wondering if my amp will do. It is more than fine with my current speakers, some older Infinity's with powered side-firing subwoofers, but those speakers have a sensitivity of 96 dB. The Vandersteen's is 87 dB.

My amp is an Audio Research VT100. 100 watts/channel.
Your only going to be driving the top half of the speaker with you amp so you should be fine. You will be high passing at 100hz. 
The VT100 has some power but It's hard to say if it will be a perfect match. I'd try it out before I would look for another amp. 
@jackd , gave you good advice.
The 5a Carbons have built in subs that relieve the amp from the power draining bass notes.
100wpc is fine.
If you want other opinions, go to the Vandersteen website and sign up for the forum.
I'm using Ayre with great success.   I have a large listening room and am glad I have lots of power.  Be sure your in line filter from amp to speaker is properly could ruin the drivers if not.
vt100 should be fine... great amp... hope you have a mk2 or better yet mk3 version

In terms of power, you ought to be fine given that you are not driven low frequencies.  Tonally, you might find that you want something a bit more forward though.  Obviously you can't be certain of that till you get them in the room.  Very much depends on room damping, etc...
I have a pair of Vandersteen Quatros and run them with a Pass Labs Aleph 3 and have plenty of headroom. If my little 30 watt high current class A amp has no issues, your 100 watt tube amp should be just fine. 
I ran a set of Quatros with a 60 Watt (into 8 Ohms) Ayre Ax-7e (Ayre installed crossover) with no issues whatsoever. In a small to medium room it was really nice. You should be set.