Rega arm vs Sumiko

I' m about to have my 20 year old Sota Sapphire with a Sumiko MMT arm updated by Sota and someone has offered a Rega RB 250 arm very reasonably to me. The MMT came with the table when I bought it years ago and performs fine - would the Rega be an upgrade?
I doubt it, the wiring sucks and those horrible little "clips" Rega use are a major PITA.
I really like the MMT arm. I've owned many of them. I've also owned a lot of the Regas. If you got the Rega upgraded with new wiring, (Incognito) and a new counterweight, (Groove Tracer) it would be close with the Rega maybe a little better. These upgrades would run about $450 or so.
Exactly, a waste of money.
Agree - don't bother with the Rega. You would have to make a major upgrade to extract significantly more of what your table will have to offer after being refurbished. Look at stuff in the $1K+ range new for ideas and also consider cartridges. Good luck & happy listening!

PS - The Sota people are great to work with.
IMO the Rega will not be an upgrade. You should look for a SME 309, IV, or V. Any of those would be an upgrade, although probably more expensive than the Rega.
I never noticed the degrade that a detachable headshell supposedly causes,
I used to keep three or four headshells with different carts for different music when I had a nice Sony DD table, lots of fun!
"I never noticed the degrade that a detachable headshell supposedly causes."

Agreed. I've owned hundreds of arms and a lot of them had detachable headshells. I never noticed any degradation either.
Rega 250 arm? Good for toasting marshmellows. MMTs are for playing vinyl.
The sumiko mdc 800 is the tonearm you want.It is in the super tonearm category,and works very well with sota.A upgraded rega would be a 3rd as good at best.
"02-19-15: Misternice
The sumiko mdc 800 is the tonearm you want."

I agree with you. The MDC 800 would be a great choice. No longer in production, but they occasionally are offered for sale. This was a classic and desirable pairing with the SOTA turntable.
Old MMT over old RB250 would also be my choice.

Misternice and Jperry are absolutely right, MDC 800 "The Arm" was designed by David Beltcher himself and machined by the same person. One of the best tonearms ever produced with metal bearings rather than nylon bearings found in other Sumiko tonearms. Counterweight placed as close to the bearing as possible. One heck of a tonearm.

I know that I may be in the minority range but the new Rega tonearms are, IMHO, way better than the old Sumiko MMTs.

Yes Schubert, people still complain that these still carry almost the same wiring and horrible little "clips" but they have been vastly upgraded in other areas such as improved bearings and a tightened spindle fit tolerance over previous models.

Each bearing suposedly individually selected to find the perfect match for the chosen spindle.

Brand new low mass precision engineered vertical bearing assembly. Completely redesigned arm tube to redistribute mass.

A much better arm no longer good for toasting marchmellows :-)

Kiko65...just a quick correction. It was David Fletcher, not Beltcher that designed the SOTA tables.
Kiko, I agree Rega arms are better now, but those clips still just plain suck.
About 6 months ago I had an RP-6 and a Pro-ject Perspective at home to audition , both with Ortofon Black.
I thought the 9cc Pro-ject arm was better for my purposes,
I'd guess most rockers would prefer the Rega.
Thank you Mofimadness,
I think I was "belching" while typing :-)