Reference 3a speakers and tubes

I've decided to change over to a tube integrated (Primaluna Dialogue Premium) with my Ref. 3A Veena. Wanted to hear from Ref. 3A owners who have had any experience with the same.
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A friend of mine runs 3A de Capo i's with a Primaluna Dialogue Premium with excellent results.
I have been enjoying my 3A Episodes for many years, being pushed by an Ayon Spirit II integrated, which does a fantastic job, especially in the triode mode. I have also heard the Primaluna Dialog Premium HP integrated, which sounds excellent as well. I would guess that that amp would mate very well with any of the 3A line.
Ran Ref3A de Capos with my Primaluna PL2 for several years great combo. The Ref 3A's will outlast a couple of amps.
I ran deCapos with the PL 6 mono amps with very good results. They also did yeoman's work when coupled with Pancor's Dyna reissue.
I have run the same combo as Grinnel for about 6 years now .
A really nice set up that has been trouble-free .
You could do much worse !

Merry Christmas
I am running Grand Veenas with 60 watts of CJ tube power and the results are excellent. I think you will be happy.

We hear nothing but good about the Ref3as from our customers. So they must be tube friendly :)

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Ralph, you ought to hear for yourself firsthand. A mutual love affair with OTL amps.
My De Capos loved my Manley Mahi's and I hope they'll love my Audio Note Kit 1 even more. :-)
I experienced much better results with my deCapos when driven by both a Coincident dynamo and Coincident Frank's as compared to being driven by SS Cary mono blocks.
Great with Music Reference RM10 MkII and ARC D70 MKII. I haven't had great results with the SET amps that I have tried however.
My VAC Sigma 160i integrated amp makes beautiful music with my Ref 3A Grand Veena's!
I bet that is a stunning combination.

Ran a Mac 275 with my Reference 3a Grand Veenas, extremely good combo.