Record Clamp for Well Tempered Turntable

I know this issue has been discussed a number of times on this forum, but I still need help. I have a Well Tempered Turntable Classic TT and use a Well Tempered record clamp, not the Reference Clamp, but not the small one either. I think my clamp is somewhere in between the two (it's bigger than the standard small clamp, but smaller than the Reference). It screws down on the record nicely.
I've been looking at other options, Sota Reflex; JA Michell, etc.
My questions are: Would any of these be a substantial improvement over my Well Tempered clamp? Anyone using these (or others) with a Well Tempered Turntable?
It would seem obvious that your best option would be,buy a Reference Clamp for the wtt.
I agree with Schipo, their best clamp would be the right choice. You might not even be able to use the others anyway, as isn't the WTT spindle threaded for the clamp?
Yes, the WTT spindle is threaded, but the threads are on the inside of the spindle. Don't know if that matters, but it might make clamps usable.

I'm also considering a record mat, but not sure about that either. As for the Reference clamp, I might go that way, but its been difficult communicating with WT and been trying to find something less expensive!!!
I just received an order from Stanalog last week. George gave me regular updates on a web problem they were having that kept me from ordering the week before last. He may be a little slow to respond sometimes but he will get back to you from my experience.
I use the reference clamp with my Reference TT and I can't imagine another brand doing a better job. The reference clamp is $75 through Stanalog.
Thanks Mitch, good to know. I had tried to contact Stanalog a few times w/o success. Glad to hear they're still around.
BTW do you use a mat?
you have an incredible system...changing the clamp won't matter much unless you're bored....spend on something else.
Ebuzz, I have never tried a mat on the Reference TT. It sounds great stock so I leave it alone.
I tried a felt mat when I had a WTT years ago, but I didn't like it. Seemed to take a little life away from the sound.
If upgrading your clamp is your latest desire, stick to the WTT and get the reference clamp. I have used mats on the WTT which I owned for many years. WTT never recommended a mat and I agree. The WTT is a very finely tuned TT and I would not recommend straying far from the original design. Want to make a big difference in your analog? Look at what your TT sits on and buy the best sounding interconnects you can get your hands on. Use The Cable Co. as your resource for this and try out interconnects 'til the cows come home. If you can find a Signal Guard platform with Polycrystal Points and a great cable match you will really have arrived at the best WTT you can own.
OK, so that's decided: No mat and I'll get the Reference Clamp. I have, however, been considering upgrading from my Grado Platinum cartridge to something nicer. Been looking at the Lyra Dorian or the ZYX R 1000. What cartridges have you experienced that are well-matched the table?
"you have an incredible system" Thank you, Jaybo.