Recommended Integrated Amp for Dynaudio Focus 260

I recently heard this system:

Naim CD5XSsending its juice to PrimaLuna integrated amp, and powering the new Dynaudio 260 (4ohms)very slim floorstanders

The mid-bass, mid and highs were gorgeous. Very impressive.
Performed splendidly on audiophile CDs.
BUT....the low-end was appalling. Very weak, can't seem to hear the bass on many non-audiophile CDs. Not dynamic at all, and certainly not foot-tapping.

I suspect its the PrimaLuna valve integrated amp.

What other high-powered, highly dynamic, solid state integrated amplifier is a good match to the Dyn 260s?
I need tone controls, cos I play mostly non-audiophile, "regular" CDs and many are poorly recorded.
The amp should not cost more than the PrimaLuna.

Is the Marantz 8004 a good match?
Try the NAD C372/375. I used the C372 with the Focus 110 and 140 with success and use it with Vandersteens now. Fantastic bass, a little on the warm side of neutral but very transparent, with very functional tone controls. Sam Tellig called the C372's bass "Krell-like" if I recall--definitely a word of praise. Bass is rock solid with great impact and pitch definition.

I've been impressed with Marantz CD players but not their integrateds. I owned an older model that sounded a little edgy and had a chronically buzzing transformer. That said, I haven't heard the 8004. NADs are very reliable and a great value used--can probably be had for well under $500.
I second nad but I recommend the master series int class d with built in dac. I listened to a pair of excite 360s drvien by this intergrated amp and I was shocked how well they perform together. Definitely foot tapping drive and very balanced real sound. Check it out if possible and within budget.
The NAD C375 IS very high value for money. No doubt. And it has great synergy with Dynaudio.
I've heard the Marantz PM8004 and it made my jaw drop. It was powering a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona Ms ($10K/pair), and doing it perfectly: neutral, fast, totally musical, transparent midrange, smooth airy highs, and complete speed, control, and extension in the bass. PM8004 has a pretty sophisticated 3-band EQ with optimum turnover points and boost/cut range for dialing in subtle changes to the tonal balance. Reviews indicate that the (MM-only) phono stage is excellent as well. The PM8004 is the least expensive Marantz amp with an HDAM gain circuit and made at their Reference series factory in Japan. The amp section has an unheard-of 125 dB s/n ratio and it sounds like it. Details and venue ambience emerge out of nowhere and decay almost infinitely into a very low noise floor.

At the NAD's C375BEE price and power rating, I'd also consider the Anthem 225 Integrated.
Thanks to Ablang, Jaxwired and Johnnyb53 !

Today, I managed to try out NAD 375 integrated with my Dyn 260 as the NAD dealer was nearest to my home.

Fantastic improvement!
Even my non-audiophile mother could tell the difference.
She said the music now sounded "complete"/"full"...meaning to say the low-end issue has been addressed, and the music sounds as a "whole" without the previous thin, weak bass.

Yes,the NAD 375 veers a little toward the warm side of neutral, and this is what I like about it. For me, the tone controls are wonderful and practical.

Conversely, the Marantz PM8004 also sounded highly dynamic, lively and feature-packed, but the NAD 375 (when paired with Dyn 260)produced a mid and high-end that was closest to my PrimaLuna Prologue Premium integrated amp. No significant difference. I loved that mid and high-end sound.

Hence, my final choice 1hr ago was the NAD375, and I'm now having my Starbucks on the ground floor of the mall, with a big NAD box by my side!.

Thanks again for the advice.
Congrats on the NAD! That may have been the fastest thread conclusion in history.
FWIW, I had a NAD C352 and felt it had the same character as you described for the bigger model.
I think your suspicion regarding the Prima Luna was true. I am a tube amp guy through and through but I know their limitations as well. What you give up with tubes is compensated for what they do in other ways. Formost among them a sparkling treble in modern tuube anp, a great and glorious midrange and if you finesse it right reasonable but rartely highly dynamic bass. Big tube amps and very powerful tube amps if fed an SS preamp signal can make great bass. The Prima Luna just doesn't have the muscle to do that. Finally the greatest asset a tube amp gives you is a remarkable #D sound feild of course contingent on the amp chosen and the tubes employed.
I have tremendous respect for the PrimaLuna Prologue Premium integrated amp, and paired with my Dyn 260, the mids and highs are my dreams come true. Even on the most demanding CDs with Chinese flute that sounds piercing on many high end speakers, there was never any issues with the NaimCD5XS + PrimaLuna+ Dyn 260 combo. After playing with hi-fi for 30 years, I am very happy...except for the bass.

Last night till now, the new NAD 375 has been left running and playing Sheffield Labs Drum Test CD and the wonderful sound has even improved further. A friend brought his Dali Lektor2 bookshelf speakers to my place and it sound fantastic with the NAD.

Overall,I'm surprised and impressed with these new NAD amps. They dont seem to hv any seriously glaring issues in any specific areas, and being able to drive the 4ohm Dyns, that says a lot of their current delivery capabillity.

As Im writing this, my non-audiophile mother is busy digging out her old Diane Schuur CDs (audiophile quality recordings) and the track "New York" sounds absolutely fabulous on my system. im new to this forum and wanna thank everyone again for giving me such a wonderful suggestions. Greetings from Malaysia!
So I guess the conclusion of this thread is...Big NAD's
really do make a difference! :o)
Both mama and wife hv been listening to the Prima Luna and NAD for a few days and summarized the Prima Luna as....

haughty, highly intellectual girl who's always well-behaved, dresses appropriately and always maintain her decorum and poise. She can dance and groove, but she just doesn't look like the type of "hot gal". She might not fit into a clubbing scene, but she's the type you can bring home to see your mama, and will probably be your wife some day!

Im certainly keeping the Prima Luna..!! And will enjoy my new NAD also!
Try to find a dealer that has Hegel and give the h-100 or h-200 a listen. I think you will come away impressed.