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Has anyone purchased a krell S 550 I Int amplifier
You should get a hegel h300. 
Has anyone purchased a krell S 550 I Int amplifier
You should get a hegel h300. 
April Music Stello Ai500 or Esoteric AI-10 Integ.
Give a hegel h300 a spin before you buy. 
Power conditioner/surge protection for Hegel H200?
I asked the same question to Hegel directly and they recommend plugging the amp directly to the wall outlet. 
Best DAC/preamp for under $2K?
Have you considered hegel? The hd25 or hd20 are both outstanding. 
Hegel Integrateds: Anyone using the internal DAC?
If you like the sound now you'll love it in a few weeks. It takes a good 100-150hrs before the amp really opens up and starts to sing.Enjoy,Will 
Hegel Integrateds: Anyone using the internal DAC?
I have had a hegel h100 and the hd20 dac. The hd20 was better in every way by a mile compared to the built in dac of the h100. That being said I've upgrade to the h300 and the 300s built in dac again, is better in every way over the hd20. The good... 
Looking for great cable
Take a look into Transparent Audio. The super mm2 fits your budget new or you can try and find a used pair of Ultra mm2. I was using nordost red dawn before I switched to super mm2 and prefer the transparent by a wide margin . 
Best sounding integrated between $1500-$3000
Take a hard look at any of the amps in the hegel integrated lineup. Used they are all within your budget except for the h-300. Don't think you can go wrong with any of them. Plus they have taken home mid-priced intergrated amp of the year in the A... 
PSB Imagine T2 upgrade over Focal 726V ?
I have the imagine t2 and they are outstanding. I upgraded from a pair of b&w n804 and haven't looked back. 
Best Amp/ Pre Amp for PSB Imagine T2
I have the t2 paired with a hegel h200 and the system sounds amazing. 
Powering PSB Synchrony Two Towers
I'm using a hegel h-100 with psb imagine t2 and the combo sounds great. 
upgrading my integrated amp
Look into Hegel h-100 or h-200. 
A Dac about two thousand used
Check out the Hegel hd20. You can pick up a new one for 2000 and it sounds amazing. 
Recommended Integrated Amp for Dynaudio Focus 260
Try to find a dealer that has Hegel and give the h-100 or h-200 a listen. I think you will come away impressed.