Recommendations on Integrated Amps

I'm looking at purchasing a solid state integrated amp (only new) in the $1,000-$1,500 price range and 70+ WPC and wanted to get some recomendations in this range. I will be purchasing speakers to go with this amp later on. I am looking at the Primare I21, but have not auditioned it yet. Any thoughts on this amp? Or any other suggestions. I listen to all types of music. Any input would be appreciated.
The Portal Panache suits your description well. Not heard it but receives good reviews.
CHeck out Consonance products. Good value for the money.
Creek 5350SE and Naim NAIT 5i. Both Class A recommendations in your price range.
If I may suggest that you decide on speakers before you buy an amp. The chemistry between the two is very important. That said, I love my Creek 5350SE running Von Schweikert VR-1s. It is clean, detailed, dark quiet and with those speakers gives alot of space around and texture to instruments. I mostly listen to classical and jazz with some bluegrass and rock music thrown in. I know there are alot of amps out there because I was asking the same question a few months ago. I found my answer, good luck with yours!
Naim Nait 5i
I had the Marantz PM7200. It has been in the Stereophile Recommended components the last two years. It is 95wpc and only about $500! Nice.
Check out the DK Designs MKII. Several available here and have seen some as low as $1500.
Good luck!
I second Tgrisham in his recomendation of selecting your speakers first. Not knowing the speakers you will be using I would recomend the Musical Fidelity X150. It weighs in at a hefty 80WPC and at $1,000 US cant be beat.
Used Bryston B-60, a great sounding little amp with an ironclad warranty.
If you like to check out a tube integrated for your price range, look into the SQ-88 from Quest for Sound, ask for Steve. A great amp and a nice place to deal with. The amp has a remote volume control as well. Just picked up one recently.
B60. Nice.  But pull out jumpers on the back of it
Replace with some nice interconnects.   Don't buy
Nice jumpers.    When you don't want amp any more
You still have something you can use.   I use a cardas clear
  With a clear p c.     ,,,  Yep. Who cares. 
Roksan k3...