Recommendation for Tonearm Cable

I need a solid tonearm cable, DIN to RCA with ground/earth.  I have a Roksan Radius 5 (mk1), Manley Chinook preamp and Ortofon 2M Black cartridge. 

I'd like to be <$275.  Any recommendations?  
Morrow Audio.  Check his Pre-owned cables page for 55% discount. Several pair there now for well under your budget.  Excellent cable.
My Linn Akito needed a din to RCA cable a while back and I bought a Jelco branded Mogami wire cable with gold plated connectors…the Mogami is hot pink (sort of, but still)…any audible turntable hum from various dimmers went completely away (yeah yeah…I like dimmers everywhere, and since my entire rig is somewhat isolated with everything from a  Humbuster III and outboard beefy power supplies to quiet cables, it's humless) when I switched to this cable, and it (from Ebay I think) wasn't all that expensive. Note there are 2 reputable (!) high end audio "salons" near me and neither one sells din to RCA tonearm cables. 
Audio Origami makes an excellent cable that sounds great and fits your budget

try Signal Cable Silver Resolution and don't be surprised the price is not high:
Morrow Audio...We have a PH-6 and it is outstanding on our VPI 3d tonearm and Soundsmith  AIDA...Puts an already very capable combination to even another level, when we changed out an already very good but non-phono dedicated cable. They have a PH-3 that is DIN-RCA that is very reasonably priced (<$200) with discount. Even at full price...they IMHO perform at least double their modest asking price.

My support for chakster's advice. All my cables are ''Silverresolution''

kinds: 4x phono 6x IC. 

I went with Signal Cable as I have silver resolution running rom the phono pre to my integrated.  I will, however, try Morrow shortly in my second system. Thanks all!!!