Question I Have Never Seen Before?

I've seen that Kinkos/Fed-Ex offer to pack things?? Finding boxes to accomidate the individual speakers might be a start.Then a thin sheet of foam wrap,with cardboard to surround.Bubble wrap and the outside box.
Just a thought
i have always had boxes, these are not small and are heavy, boy , got my self into one this time...probably should not have sold them except locally , but no sale last thirty days...thanks ,,,that is the answer i was looking for, just some back up on my thinking...bubble wrap seems to be the wonder drug here, i think....
Definitely Kinkos/Fedex packaging service. They took care of my sound anchors speaker stands that weighed 90 pounds each with no problem at all.
Start by going to your local big box retail store and asking them for some large sheets of cardboard from a flat panel TV or appliance and also see if they have some heavy duty cardboard corner pieces that are used to ship fridges safely. Wrap the entire speakers with several layers of cheap cellophane wrap (Saran wrap) to protect the surfaces of the speakers. Attach the cardboard corners to all edges of the speakers and make a box out of the sheets of cardboard to use as your "inner" shipping box, then surround that box with 2" of white styrafoam (available from your local home improvement store for $10 per 4X8 sheet) and then make your final outside box around the styrafoam. It sounds like a lot of work, but if they're not packed in this manner, FedEx or UPS will deny any damage claim due to "insufficient packing".
U-haul has heavier grade cartons for TVs and other electronics. Not much more than the cheap crap they sell at Kinkos. I would use rigid or semi rigid foam to line the boxes, top, bottom and sides, then a double wrap of bubble wrap around the speakers, with extra on top and bottom. They should be packed to survive a 6' drop onto concrete! really!!!
UPS store can pack and ship, it will cost a bit more but it wont be denied because of poor packing if its damaged in shipping.
Consider having a piano moving company ship them. When I've moved my speakers (2 x 240 lbs & 2 x 350 lbs), I've included them on the truck with the piano. No box needed: They just stand them up in the truck, wrap them in blankets, and bind them securely to the inside walls of the truck.
Buy some really sturdy Uhaul boxes like "dish pack". I cut them completely in half lengthwise. Wrap the speakers in pounds of bubble wrap and then assemble the boxes with a couple of pounds of tape. Cutting them in half allows you to squeeze them to fit.
Call your local crating company they usually carry double walled boxes. But beware, I would not ship something like that unless they are small. Thats just crazy and risky.
I would buy a roll of shrink wrap and wrap the living crap out of them and put the shipping label on it before tryin to do boxes. I have done that before.
I shipped heavy Reference 3As (in boxes) by Greyhound once. Worked well and was cheaper than FED/EX or UPS.
Call the speaker maker and ask to purchase boxes only.

Shrink wrap, corner pieces on all 4 sides then taped around. Cardboard over shrink on all 6 sides.

If smallish or monitors, (two in one box) face the drivers towards one another.

Then Bub-bub-bub-bububble wrap it till it bounces.

Then strap 'em to a sturdy 4 way oak pallett fore and aft, and as well side to side, standing upright! That way they'll arrive together, and strapped to the pallett, nothing can be set onto them.

Aside from a Shrike missle or termites, you'll be fine!
great and interesting ideas...boy do i know that i am around a bunch fo shippers......after all that , i think ill just deliver them myself....just kidding, i think the big boys will wrap them , it will cost the crap out of me....i don't want them to deny a claim if one does happen..thanks.dwhitt
Dwhitt: When packing always protect the corners, with the most of protection as possible. Packing material's and cardboard wrapping around the corners nice and tight. And also to make sure that the speakers are wiggle free within there containers. I found placing cheap pillows from Walmart on the top and bottom will give an added protections in their travel.
thanks i believe i used one thing from all input...they are well protected on corners, thanks...dwhitt
I've shipped big heavy speakers, never had a problem.
Go to U-Haul and buy boxes that are 2" bigger. Then go to Home Depot and buy 2" foam panels. Cut to size with a box cutter. If possible, double box speakers.
Involves some running around, but that's what happens when you throw the original boxes out.