Quad ESL service, Electrostatic Solutions or Quads Unlimited ?

      My Quad ESL 63 US Monitors are finally needing help after 28 years of good service. Has anybody worked with Electrostatic Solutions or Quads Unlimited ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
                      Regards, Mike
Also, thanks for the link to  https://www.quadesl.com/
 I am located in central Washington. There are no companies close to me that I am aware of that do Quad service. I've talked to Bill Thalmann in the past about working on my Quad amps, I've never worked with him but he was great on the phone and no doubt does fantastic work from what I have read. My amps are pushing 28 years old. They still work but it might be wise to have them serviced before one fails  I moved to tube mono block amplifiers but really like the sound my Quads deliver and will never sell them. I'm going to use them in another system. I want to find a pair of 57's when I have time. I've always wanted a pair. Thanks again for the help. You guys are great !                                  
If you need someone on the West Coast to work on vintage tube amplifiers then contact Roger Modjeski at Music Reference/RAM Tubes. You can email him at tubeaudiostore@gmail.com. He is quite familiar with Quad amplifiers and ESL speakers. Might even have a pair of 57s lying around as well for sale.

My ESL 63s were at Picquet's shop for almost two years, it was a nightmare. He was always asking for more money. I received the speakers with parts missing. He said that the missing parts on the speakers were a result of very difficult times for him as he had endured seven heart attacks and open heart surgery and had also endured some memory loss as a result. Then, in another e-mail he said he lost his book and had suffered over nine heart attacks this time and had some unexpected expenses so he was waiting to collect a balance ...he had to spend money he didn't have. He also lost his grandmother several times... Almost $3K for an unfinished job. I could have taken him to court here in the State of Florida but it would have been expensive.   

In the end I had to ship the speakers to Sheldon Stokes in NH - Quadesl.com - to finish the job. I am very satisfied with Sheldon's work and integrity.
 No direct experience with those on your original list. I have a pair of ESL-63 I am working my way thru in Seattle, very tempting to box them up and send to Kent as Whart advises as I am interested in upgraded parts.
iF you want local repairs call George at Gig Harbor Audio he has done Quad repairs. Great cantankerous dude
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