digital glare - problems/solutions

I had to take my cd transport out of my system for repairs a couple of weeks ago. i plugged in an old Proceed Transport and the subsequent glare drove me to distraction. To make a long story short i discovered that i had moved the power cord from the dedicated digital outlet in my power conditioner to a regular outlet. Reconnected it to the digital outlet, glare gone. Yeh, i know, i'm probably the last person on earth to have figured this out. Now i remember why i bought the power conditioner for the source components.
I don't have any fancy outlets or filters, but I have a 1987 CD player, and I noticed that it interfered with my TV picture when it was on !!!!! I put a radio shack ferrite on the power cable, and the interference is greatly reduced. And guess what, it also sounds a lot better even though it's only used as a transport.

I think the power filtering for digital stuff is important not in providing the digital stuff with good power, but in preventing all the junk that the digital modulates back onto the power lines from getting into your analogue electronics.
I just purchased Purist HDI interconnects, which are made to go between CDP and preamp and advertised to take the edge off. When the mailman drops them off, I'll try to come to some conclusion about the claim.
I already have a PS Audio Ultimae Outlet. I just put 3 sets of Stillpoints under CD Player, Plinius amp, and SV Sub. Shockingly better. I ordered 3 more sets. Review available. Email me.
Get any Audio Note DAC or CD player and you will have less GLARE to begin with. No filters or upsampling.
An audio tekne cd transformer will take out the glare without altering the music. Most surprising upgrade
Isolate your digital gear with a PS Audio P300. Works wonders on the sound of your digital gear and should solve your glare. Try one with the 30 day money-back trial.
To: Tweak1
Have you tried the Stillpoints under the Ultimate Outlet yet? Try it !!! Power Conditioners are effected by vibration also.
Digital glare??? What is that??? Are you sure you don't have a mismatch problem instead? In the case of the 87' cd player, the solution is simple. I'm assuming your player uses a normal 2 core power cord? I would upgrade the power cord to a shielded 12ga x 3 cord. XLO Ref 2 Type 10A in bulk from is perfect. Ground the chassis of the player to the earth ground in the power cord. This will shunt the noise to ground. No ferrite required.

The Purist HDI's are ok...I have owned these in the past. I think they mask too much of the upper midrange and lower treble area. You would be happier with the Discovery Cable Signature cables. This cable does wonders for digital components.

Alan Maher
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