Quad ESL service, Electrostatic Solutions or Quads Unlimited ?

      My Quad ESL 63 US Monitors are finally needing help after 28 years of good service. Has anybody worked with Electrostatic Solutions or Quads Unlimited ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
                      Regards, Mike
Kent at Electrostatic Solutions restored my ’57s a little less than two years ago. I paid him a modest charge to supply two robust shipping cartons, he arranged UPS freight pick up, the work was done fairly quickly, and shipped to my new location without any issues. Those speakers, which I had purchased in 1973, had been dormant since about 1990-- they play wonderfully now, with a protection circuit, being driven by a pair of restored vintage Quad II amps (with GEC KT 66s!).
I had also owned a pair of Crosby- modded ’63s, but didn’t feel a need to restore those; I preferred the sound of the original for midrange, to the overall more usuable 63. (I don’t use the 57 in my main system but a second, vintage system).
My experience was altogether positive, from shipping and packaging to delivery to the performance of the restored speaker. Kent did a sympathetic cosmetic restoration, but nothing drastic. He did replace the quirky Quad power plug and inputs with modern receptacles. I can highly recommend his work. (Bill Thalmann, to whom Kent referred me, did the restoration work not only on the old Quad amps, but on a slew of other vintage stuff that now comprises this second system).
No info on Electrostatic Solutions or Quads Unlimited.If you are located anywhere in the New England, I can suggest https://www.quadesl.com/
  Thank you for the information, I appreciate it. Getting first hand knowledge from someone who has actually done business with the companies I am curious about is priceless.
                  Thank you again, I hope to be able to pay it forward myself someday.
                                              Best Regards, Mike
Also, thanks for the link to  https://www.quadesl.com/
 I am located in central Washington. There are no companies close to me that I am aware of that do Quad service. I've talked to Bill Thalmann in the past about working on my Quad amps, I've never worked with him but he was great on the phone and no doubt does fantastic work from what I have read. My amps are pushing 28 years old. They still work but it might be wise to have them serviced before one fails  I moved to tube mono block amplifiers but really like the sound my Quads deliver and will never sell them. I'm going to use them in another system. I want to find a pair of 57's when I have time. I've always wanted a pair. Thanks again for the help. You guys are great !                                  
If you need someone on the West Coast to work on vintage tube amplifiers then contact Roger Modjeski at Music Reference/RAM Tubes. You can email him at [email protected] He is quite familiar with Quad amplifiers and ESL speakers. Might even have a pair of 57s lying around as well for sale.

My ESL 63s were at Picquet's shop for almost two years, it was a nightmare. He was always asking for more money. I received the speakers with parts missing. He said that the missing parts on the speakers were a result of very difficult times for him as he had endured seven heart attacks and open heart surgery and had also endured some memory loss as a result. Then, in another e-mail he said he lost his book and had suffered over nine heart attacks this time and had some unexpected expenses so he was waiting to collect a balance ...he had to spend money he didn't have. He also lost his grandmother several times... Almost $3K for an unfinished job. I could have taken him to court here in the State of Florida but it would have been expensive.   

In the end I had to ship the speakers to Sheldon Stokes in NH - Quadesl.com - to finish the job. I am very satisfied with Sheldon's work and integrity.
 No direct experience with those on your original list. I have a pair of ESL-63 I am working my way thru in Seattle, very tempting to box them up and send to Kent as Whart advises as I am interested in upgraded parts.
iF you want local repairs call George at Gig Harbor Audio he has done Quad repairs. Great cantankerous dude
Stay away from Quads Unlimited.  PK cannot be trusted.
Look up Patrick Leung in the Sacramento area in Norcal. He has a huge Chinese Quad 57 and 63 fan base especially among the audio community (here and back in Hong Kong) You can see a few of his Youtube videos showing his workshop. I have seen and heard his rebuilds.
ESS. Kent is top shelf. There can only be one :)
Unfortunately I have the similar experience as f456gt and mikeyaya with Wayne Picquet (PK) and Quads Unlimited business practices.

I live in Europe and made (I thought) a thorough investigation of possible refurbers in the UK, Germany, US and Canada during the fall of 2018.

Given the raving reviews in Stereophile, even David Chesky uses his rebuilds, supertestimonials in lots of forum threads, testing by Gary Jacobson on his great website quadesl.org, etc., it seemed that the "true ESL57 refurb guru" on this planet was PK. I was a bit suspicious that there were no testimonials after 2015 on his web page, but finally decided to trust PK with 12 panels (planned stacked 57s) and USD 3,300 paid in advance (sigh).

This was October 2018 and the estimate was "20-24 days of work". Before I shipped the panels to him, his turn-around time on email was around 24 hours, but once he got my money and panels there was almost radio silence. I gave him extra time and demanded a status report in Dec 2018 and got the brief answer "7-10 days".
Christmas and New year passed and finally on Feb 2, 2019 I finally got an answer, where he was complaining about heart surgery having wiped out a lot of money for him, that 9 customers were screaming at him (understandable) and he was just a single but determined builder.
Good news was my panels should be ready in 2 days!!

That was 6 weeks ago and now total radio silence.

Obviously wondering about his thinking and lack of ethics. Is he running a Ponzi scheme, where he is selling panels to (older) customers and letting newcomers become the losers or what? Or just collecting money with no intent to deliver back? It seems clear that at some point in time he has been doing great stuff, but he has a prove a lot to regain any kind of trust from me. There *may* be real health problems involved, but that does NOT mean that outright lies are OK.

I start to lose hope about ever getting my panels and money back, but if this thread entry helps one or more ESL57 lovers to not end up in my situation it would be worth it. Not living in the US, legal action seems like a big hassle, but if PK continues like this he is bound for class action soon or finding himself out of business (whichever is first). 

(If someone thinks this is just unfair slander and fake news, I can privately send a complete audit trail on emails and payment)

Although I have had no direct experience with either of these shops I was told to stay away from Wayne as his current practices are a shadow of what put him on the map years ago. I have a pair of 63s in need of a rebuild and I plan on sending them to Kent at Electrostatic Solutions when it is time. I have heard only positives about Kent.
@esl57addict so very sorry to hear of your troubles...

i wonder how many people in the USA, the great again USA are just one serious health issue away from lies, fraud or worse to soldier thru a medical financial crisis....

counting my blessings....
Hey thanks for letting us know what you think of the U.S. and its health care system. Tourist or participant? 

Oh and to answer your question: not many.