I am looking for a comparison between the PSB Stratus Gold and the Legacy Audio Focus series.

I own Stratus and I wonder if the Legacy is good enough to tempt upgrade?
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I have auditioned the PSB Stratus Gold and would own them today but my current amp is not up to the task. I found them dynamic. What do think they are lacking in your system?
PSB Stratus Golds lack very little. I am tempted by the Legacys because they have more drivers hence more displacement potential. I am always in a quest to find the next greatest thing. I will probably make the 8 hr. drive to audition them soon............... It would seem that not many people have heard both of these speakers.
I have had the opportunity to hear the Legacy Focus and many other Legacy speakers. Maybe my expectations were too high. They were simply not as refined and pleasing to my ears. The ribbon/AMT drivers were fatiguing. Bass was ill defined. IMHO they are no match for the classic PSB's. They were no match for the KEF Blade or reference series either.
Who are you kidding?
The original PSB Stratus series is still worthy of being considered a reference speaker. No kidding.