PS Audio Humbuster 3 or equivalent wanted

I'm looking for a PS Audio Humbuster 3 or equivalent. I understand Emotiva built something similar for a while. I might be glad to purchase one of these also. Maybe some other manufacturer has built something equivalent. Please send me any info about such a device and if you know where I could purchase one.
Van Alstine sells something like this. For less than the PS Audio's price. Think it is called something like Humdinger.
Blue Circle makes this
Channel Island Audio made one, but recently stopped making them. You might want to give them a call.
Kemp Elektroniks has two models available.
Surprised no one has snatched up my Humbuster III as they are well (but no longer) made products that do what they claim.
Sbrownnw - do you still have your Humbuster 3 for sale?