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Why don’t tube amps sound like tubes anymore?
Great-sounding amps should sound more alike than different. It’s music, not ice cream.  Modern tube amps require no more maintenance than solid state. A great sounding tube amp will tend to be more affordable than a solid state amp of comparable q... 
What do you think causes the crackle and clicks we hear?
No mention yet of groove wear? I am shocked and disappointed. 
My system is where I want it be and it sounds awesome...
Reaction formation. Google it. 
The best tweeter is no tweeter
Lots of nice drivers out there, of various designs. The implementation is at least as important as the design. 
What are the best speakers in the world?
Let us suppose that a particular speaker is rolled off at the top end. Naturally it will sound better with ‘brighter’ (for lack of a better word) electronics or recordings, than would a more neutral speaker. If we are limiting ourselves to neutral... 
Unsolvable Woofer Pumping (Phono only)
What about other sources, such as a CD player? If the problem persists with other sources, its likely to be an amplifier problem. 
Mattresses, not stereos is where the money is
These stores are fronts. Its easy to hide and transport drugs in a mattress. That's why you see 4 mattress stores at an intersection, none with any customers. 
Best Tubes on Market today?
Good: Gold LionGreat: Sofia Electric 
A civil discussion about the state of Audio Research
Rolling power tubes...those days are long gone. Companies evolve, old clients leave, new clients come on board... ARC is a company trying to create state of the art product.  For audiophiles.  Not a dinosaur, not a museum. 
Is flat frequency response a hoax?
Can anyone provide the name of a speaker company that claims ‘ruler-flat’ frequency response? 
Do you guys like Adele's music?
When a poster leaves a dead-end question and then disappears, its reasonable to conclude his intentions were less than sincere.  This is a particularly nasty type of internet trolling.  
It’s you.
Careful, not to be become that which you despise. I come here seeking free advice, and if I have to wade thru some muck in order to find a pearl of wisdom, so be it. 
Recordings by Elton John, Nirvana and Thousands More Lost in Fire
Its a great article, and a great piece of journalism. 
Lost all hearing in one ear, is it worth upgrading speakers?
I have a hearing imbalance that bothers me when I just listen to music. But when I smoke a pipe while listening, I can just relax and enjoy the music (and the pipe). 
The sound of speakers is distortion.
Some great points here. I used to think that a distortion-free speaker would theoretically let the listener hear precisely what the mastering engineer heard on his studio monitors.  But, clearly there are playback systems that will make that recor...