What is the current equivalent to the Logitech streamers?

Trying to get into digital audio for under $500.  It looks like the Logitech Transport would be one good option (would like the wireless option) but I am uncertain if the technology has advanced beyond them in the last couple of years.
Bluesound Node 2 would work.  Wifi works fine in my home.  It's Tidal and Spotify ready.  Has a pretty good app that works with both Apple and Android tablets. It has analog and digital outputs (it has a Dac built in but you can bypass it).  It costs $500. 
You can use Squeezelite to make a lot of devices act like Logitech streamers. Especially useful with old Android phones you have lying around the house. :)

I use a real Squeezebox Touch in my bedroom, but a PC with USB 2.0 to my DAC in the living room.

There are also a number of Pi based solutions, including Squeezelite on them too! :)


The Bluesound Node 2 is excellent. It sounds great, the BluOS is very good and it's also a good looking component. I love mine.