Proceed PDT 3/PDP 3

I have been listening to a Proceed PDT 3/PDP 3 for the last 15 years. How outdated is the audible sound quality of this transport and digital processor. I would like to replace it with a lot newer Mark Levinson unit/s. Will I hear an obvious difference in sound quality? Or just subtle differences?
Bdl, this question of how the best of the older gear sounds compared to the newer stuff has come up before. I still use a PDT3 myself into a different D/A. I've heard newer one box CD players, some at faitly high prices. I'm honestly not sure if what I'm hearing is better or just different. One man's opinion.
I have not been keeping up with the advances in CD transport/DA converter technology and wondered if the sonic differences had advanced in leaps and bounds. I had assumed that it has especially in comparison to my 15 year old Proceed PDT 3/PDP 3.
Thanks for your input on the subject Tonyptony. Appreciate your opinion.
I would keep your PDT and try a different dac. You have a nice transport. Maybe try a newer ML dac. I used to have a #36 and liked it. Of course it is older but still a good one. Not sure what your budget is but I would think that newer dacs will be better than the PDP 3? Just my opinion of course.

You will get tons of opinions here so be
I have fond memories of those pieces. In between I have owned a lot of highly praised transpDACs and players.

I now have a Raysonic 168 and drive my amps direct from the balanced variable outs. Add a Machina Dynamica Code Name Torquoise for the well, Herbies tube dampeners and iso/cones, a quartet of Russian cryoed 6922s ( and you've got SOTA sound. The player is a mere $2600.