Proceed AMP 5? or wait for Krell Showcase amp?

I just bought the Proceed AMP 5. This thing is awesome--and heavy! It totally kills my Acurus 125x5. Same power rating at 125x5, yet the amp cost me 2-1/2 times more. I'm having a little buyers guilt right now, though, as I just read about the new Showcase line that Krell is coming out with. Has anyone seen their 5channel amp? It is supposed to be 125x5 just like the Proceed yet cost about 3K. It is purported to have the same "double down" feature by going to 250 watts into 4 ohms. Can't say if the rest of the electronics on board will be of equal quality with the AMP 5. I am driving B&W N804s and HTM-1 for my home theater, and in my search to find an amp that would do them justice I settled on the Proceed. I contemplated the HPA 3&2, but the HPA 3 costs as much as the AMP 5 just to get 3 channels and they would take up more room. I am now selling my Acurus and my 2ch Bryston to offset the cost for the AMP 5--plus, I don't have the room for all these amps. So what do you all think? Should I return the AMP 5 and wait for the Krell? Advice would be appreciated.
The krell will not be available for a MINIMUM of 6 months. Make your own decision but, I would hold my AMP 5 until the Krell comes out. Then demo the Krell and if you like it, sell the AMP 5 used right here.
I personally prefer the sound of Proceed amps with B&W Nautilus series speakers over KAV series Krell. The AMP5 is smoother with more resolution and tames some of the brightness they can have. The newer KAV (300il & TAS) are smoother sounding than the older KAV but can also be kind of "grey" and missing some of the sheer grunt. Just my two cents. I do agree with Ericbee's suggestion.
Thanks for the input. Any thoughts on if the AMP5 will provide the necessary power for the N804s? As I said, I contemplated the HPA3 and 2, but I just don't have room for the multiple amps. So far I've been impressed with the soundstage the AMP5 can provide.
I have the Amp 5 and Nautilus 804's. I love this amp. It is definitely the best five channel amp on the market! It sounds fantastic with both movies and music. I have compared the Amp 5 to the Bryston 9b, ADA PTM-6150, and the KAV 500. The Proceed wins hands down! The Amp 5 has more than enough power for the Nautilus speakers. If you listen to 2 channel music you might consider an HPA 2 or an Levinson 334 for the left and right speaker if money permits and use the Amp 5 for the HTM-1 and four surround speakers in a 7.1 system. Thanks, Paul