Best cables for Proceed / B W ?

What are your reccomendations for cabling including power cords for use with Proceed source components / amps and B&W nautilus speakers ? Your help will be appreciated !
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I'm using Purist Audio Design Proteus Cables all Balanced with Proteus Bi Wired Speaker Cables on Proceed AVP/HPA's with N805's and I am very pleased. Opened, detailed, very tansparent without color. My power cords are Marigo Ultra 2's (Takes the Digital Edge Out / Highly Recommended) Not cheap cables but you WILL hear the difference.
I'm using JPS Labs SC+ ic's & digital cable with my AVP & HPA's with the matrix series 3's (802's,HTM, 805's). I'm still looking for a pair/s or biwire SC+ speaker cables. Also using the JPS Analog AC and Synergistic Master couplers pc's. This is a very smooth yet detailed combination in my setup. Oh, by the way I'm presently using a biwire run of DH Labs T-14 speaker cables. Good luck!
Check out Synergistic Research's Designers Ref. cables. Especially for the B&W speakers. I am running two runs of SR Ref. speakers cables to my 802N. I love it.