problem with preamp switching sources

Hello Everybody:

Last year I bought a cheap solid state remote-controlled (but I don't have the remote) Onkyo used preamp in order to deal with some issues in my system. I like it ok, except that sometimes it seems to experience electrical issues, particularly resetting my source to Tuner from CD.

This thing is inexpensive and I am not trying to fix it.

What interests me is to clear up the ignorance I seem to have of preamp issues. If I knew what "key words" to search, for this type of issue, perhaps I would not have to start a new thread and ask a question. I seem to rememember sometimes people talking about some preamps having this electrical problem? Is there a type of preamp in which it is common? Those that have remote controls?

I guess I will substitute in another preamp at some point, but in the process, I'd like to learn and better understand what is going on here.

Thanks to anyone who can clarify for me what is going on here.
Hey Joshl- tell us what the symptoms are.
I turn on the preamp and the other parts of my system.

At present I have three sources hooked up, a cd player, a phonograph (seldom used, but occasionally) and an internet tuner device (Roku M500). If I go to play the tuner, then usually this is fine except that during the first two or three minutes the preamp may switch off and on a couple of times. Then it settles down.

If I switch to CD source, the preamp may spontaneously decide several times that it doesn't like that, and switch over to Tuner again (which seems to be the default). This switching may occur at any time, but I think usually during the first few minutes of operation?

My system is complicated, as I have RS-1b speakers with the external powered crossover, and that is the only powered device hooked up through the preamp's power area. Maybe I should remove the crossover and hook that up directly to the simple surge protector I am using, but it is unswitched, and I like to make sure I remember to turn it off, and hooking it up through the preamp helps me do this. I don't think moving it to the surge protector has helped this problem, but I could try again.

Note that I am not after audiophile sound here (or I would not be listening to so much internet radio over RS-1bs). My system does I think sound ok, but I am really just trying to clear up an annoying electrical instability.

So as to focus this conversation and hopefully save others time: My main question is really just to ask whether this sort of spontaneous preamp switching occurs in other systems dissimilar to mine.... is it a common thing?

I've never hear of it before. I think you are telling us that you are using a vintage Onkyo pre amp which has so-called convenience outlets and that you have the active crossover power supply plugged in to those convenience outlets. Spontaneous switching from one input to another is pretty wierd but if it is the "default" input, perhaps the pre-amp is "rebooting" periodically. I would try moving the power supply for the crossover to its own wall outlet to see if you can isolate the source, then you can figure out how best to move on; repair or work-around.
I do think I have these "convenience outlets" you are mentioning.

Ok, your ideas seems worth trying.... I have taken the preamp and put it on an entirely different socket away from everything else. The crossover I have unplugged from the preamp and put on the same surge protector as the main system.

This is not exactly what you suggested, but I will try this and that and see what happens.