Prices here and on ebay.....what do you notice/think?

Forgive me, but I am new at this high-end audio game...only been at it for 50 years, both in the business and as a consumer. 
 I do not know, maybe it is a side effect of Covid, but some of the prices people are asking are just not in keeping with what a unit is worth or what they have sold for recently.  On all sites, the best reference for price is sold items, what an item actually sold for rather than a hopeful listing price.  But the proof is in the sales, or lack of them.  In being active on this site and ebay, some of the current prices are ...well surprising.  I guess caveat emptor is very timely.   Is this something any of you have noticed or?

It's always been that way. A lot of common crap is priced by dreamers.
fuzztone, Agreed.  It would seem that "the times" is bringing out more of this.  Both of my sons are in the film/movie/entertainment industries and things are sloooooooooow.  It would be a good subject for a non-fiction book to compare the 1918 flu pandemic, the Polio epidemic...which got a U.S. President and a couple of family members,  and our current Covid situation.  Especially to see how much 24 hour news networks and more have created  hyperbole....and how much narcissism of "our times" is an influence.  Chicken Little and his "Falling Sky" has happened many times in human history.

Take care, Jim
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OP, I've noticed and wondered.