Pre Amp with top class phono stage?

What pre-amps are there out there with an on board phono stage which is as good as a top class stand alone unit?
Which integrated amp has as good a preamp section as a stand alone pre? Same answer; specialist units are always the best; built in ones can be very good. This is no surprise, my phono stage cost 50% more than my line stage and is considerably bigger. Built in ones can be very good; just not as good as the best separates.
Atma-Sphere has a great reputation, although I'v enever tried their pres (I do have their MA1s, which I love, but running direct from DAC). Many people with top TT setups seem to use the Manley steelhead, which I'm pretty sure is a full preamp (correct me if I'm wrong fellow A-goners)
I believe any of the Shindo preamps have outstanding phono stages
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The Halcro DM10 preamp has a superb phono-stage with fully adjustable loadings and capacitance values for MM/MI cartridges as well as handling the very lowest output MC cartridges.
Expensive and hard to find but that wasn't your question?
Oh.....and I disagree with Stanwal's generalisation.
A well-designed built-in phono stage will beat a well designed separate phono stage (all things being equal).
As Atmasphere has correctly said here.......if a change of interconnect cables changes the sound of the outboard phono-stage, it can't be a good thing.......can it?
Joule Electra LAP150 Mk II. The phono adds a separate PS unit but it is otherwise integrated into a full function pre with remote even. Very musical phono stage - you will not be disappointed.

Doshi Alaap belongs on that list, as well.
Ayre K-1XE
McIntosh C2300 has a very nice sounding MM and MC phono stage.Very flexible on-the-fly set-up and adjustability for different cartridges all by remote.
Get the newer Atma-Sphere MKIII.1 pre, run your phono balanced and never ever, ever care about upgrading your phono again. Mind blowingly good pre-amp with the recent upgrades. This will be the one to beat. Good luck.
I have been contemplating the same question; I've been steered toward the EAR 868P. Worth a look?
Shindo - Monbrison and all models above.
I agree with the two Atma-Sphere recommendations. Ralph told me a while back his preamps were originally designed specifically for phono playback. He later added line inputs because of customer demand.

I've had an MP-1 Mk3 for a couple years now and as much as I enjoyed my previous CAT w/phono(all 5 of them), the MP-1 blew it's/their doors off; that's no exaggeration.

I hear good things about Doshi and a friend owns VAC so I might consider either of them if I weren't so happy with my MP-1.

One other thing worth considering, if it breaks, will the mfr. still be around to fix it? Atma-Sphere's been around for quite a while and has a great reputation for reliability.
No question that Atma-Sphere's reliability and customer service is as good as it gets. Have not spent any time w one outside of a show, but if you can run all balanced, I would definitely keep it on your short list. One important decision you will have to make is whether you want the ability to use a LOMC cart, and if so, whether you want to go active or transformer for the additional gain required. Doshi is active, as is (I think) the Manley. The VAC and Atma use transformers. If you go transformer, spend some time reading about the ins and outs of primary vs secondary loading, variable step-up ratios, etc. As far as I can tell, its pretty much a cart specific issue. Learning all of that stuff would have required more time than I was willing to put in, so I went active w the Doshi. At this level, I think there is no wrong answer as long as you deal properly w the matching issues; but if you really really prefer chocolate, you ain't gonna be satisfied w vanilla or strawberry, or even mocha so you're gonna have to try them out.